Time changes

About 12 years ago,  before I retired:

1/ I flew to Geneva for a professional meeting;

2/ Took a train to Paris for several days before the meeting began;

3/Returned to London via train;

4/ Flew back to the Washington DC and home;

5/ Rested one day then flew to Chicago where I rented a car;

6/ Drove to Sheboygan WI to see Aunt Marge for several days;

7/ Drove across WI via La Cross to the twin cities in Minnesota for a professional meeting which lasted about 6 days;

8/Turned in the car at the airport and flew back to Chicago; and  then home.

I had energy when I was in my late fifties.

The recent trip to CA has left me more weary than normal, whatever normal is. I assume its jet lag, but I have not experienced it before.


While I was in California, I woke at 4:30, the time I ordinarily wake on the East Coast but given the time zones it was 1:30 on the East Coast. 

Richard set up the coffee pot each evening, and I turned it on when I got up. I drank several cups of coffee each morning.

While it was dark, I read my Kindle sitting in a leather chair in the Great Room of their lovely home.  When the dawn came, I went on the patio and sat watching the sun peek over the mountains in the distance.  The air was perfect, the sky clear, and the birds were busy with their daily tasks.  When the sun hit the blooming plants in the yard and warmed them, many tiny hummingbirds came to feed.  Next door, various birds, including Black Phoebe, fed on a subtropical tree with orange fruit (not a palm).

When we visited the Botanic Gardens, I bought a ‘bird book’ for San Diego County, a pit stop or a destination for many migratory birds traveling the Western flyway, including the hummingbirds. I had not troubled myself to identify them when I was younger and lived in San Diego County in the 1950s. Now that I am older, I pay attention to such things.

We drove through Torrey Pines on the way home from the Botanic Gardens and saw water and marsh birds, many of them migrants.  I showed my younger grandson how to record the birds he had seen in his new bird book. “Some day, you will have a life list as long as mine, I told him.”

I am passing on a family tradition.

My grandparents, aunts and parents were  bird fanciers. Nana (my Dutch grandmother)  raised lovebirds and parakeets. We lived with her from time to time (Mom, Shelly and I) when I was small, and Dad was between jobs.

When I watch the birds, I feel close to Nana and all those who went before me. To the left is a photo I have posted before, taken in Brook Green Gardens SC when Nana and Grandpa came to visit us.  We lived  on Myrtle Beach in an old house. The skyscapers did not exist then. Nana wanted to see the birds so the family made a trip to the famous gardens.




10 thoughts on “Time changes

  1. Just reading your travelogue at the beginning of this entry tired me out !! I loved to travel but I think those days are behind me. That is a sweet picture of you at Brookgreen Gardens…it’s a lovely spot and one I’ve been to three times.


  2. If that’s Nana, you look like her.
    Perhaps you are low in vitimines. I am….and so I am very tired. Starting to think about packing now. Boy I couldn’t do all that travel you did in your 60’s. Amazing.


  3. First time I went to the west coast when Christine got married I had terrible jet lag it took me almost a week to get over it and then I had to go back home and start all over again . Even here when the time changes it takes me ages to adjust. So glad you had a good time with your family.My family liked birds but didn’t keep track of what we saw it was more in the moment . My Nanny had a parakeet in Miami when I was little he was a character . Flew into the salad bowl in the middle of a company dinner and started throwing lettuce everywhere! As a kid I thought it was great my grandmother not so much.


  4. I am a notoriously bad sleeper when I take cross-country (or farther) trips.

    I love, love, love that picture of you with your Nana. Your heart must swell every time you think of her.


  5. On Nov 1, I will have to take a plane from Hawaii to Tokyo, another one to Taipei (where I will spend the night Nov 2), and a third to Delhi the next day (Nov 3). Then the following day (Nov 4), I’ll have dinner with 2 Indian friends. Talk about jet lag! Lol.

    I am not into birds, sorry, but I’ll try to look for birds in India and note if they are different from the ones I see in Hawaii.


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