Bit and Bobs Sunday

Today, I am cooking chili con carne and cornbread for lunch.  I entered the two recipes in my meal plan using the Weight Watchers software. So, I know exactly how many points each serving costs. The key to weight loss is to keep track of your points (i.e. serving sizes). I weigh and/or measure my portions and record them accordingly.

I “weigh in” on Sundays and I lost another pound this week.  I don’t always lose, I have regained then lost the odd pound and plateaued a time or two over the five past months. WW says that is normal if you are losing weight in a healthy way. You must continue to eat properly getting your 5 fruits and vegetables per day.  Fad dieting does not work. What matters is the long-term trend.

I feel better and have dropped a pant size, so I attempted to order new pants this morning from Landsend.  I can hardly wait to give the “fat pants” to Goodwill. I love the Maxine cartoon below, but honestly, you can lose pounds without traveling to the UK.  

Chili is a “power” food.  I use my Mom’s Tex-Mex recipe, and it is explosive stuff, although it does not rely on excessive amounts of chili pepper.  Frankly, I have never tasted any better chili anywhere.  Mom learned to make this stuff when we lived in Texas where my sister and I were both born. I make it from memory, so it took a while for me to get everything into the WW recipe maker.  WW does not accept a dash of this and a dab of that.

I hate it when my cooking tastes better than anything I can find anywhere else.  That means I have to cook to get some.


David just called from the grocery store for the fifth time.  I assembled a list of ingredients for meals the next couple of days, and he took the list to the store with my credit card.  He called to ask me what Bok Choy was (Chinese cabbage) and rice noodles too. (I found  a great recipe for a pork tenderloin soup in the most recent issue of Diabetic Cooking.)  Julie in produce, Mary in dry goods, Rob in dairy, and Joe, the butcher, will read the list and help him assemble the items. When he called he said Julie had already selected a cantaloupe for me. Ask her to help you with the Bok Choy I suggested.

If a prescription is ready Samhain the pharmacist tracks David down on the floor and hands it to him. The other day, Samhain had a cane which he found on the bench outside his pharma and asked David if it was his. They are so kind.

Our neighborhood is full of older adults as well as young professionals. Most of the older adults live in the apartment buildings which line the main drag, although some older folks like us have clung to their houses for a while longer.  We live in a diverse neighborhood. One of the older apartment buildings next to the neighborhood park houses hundreds of Middle Eastern immigrant families.

When we leave this house, we will probably move into one of the buildings on the Pike near us. Perhaps it will be the building where Paul and Coco lived when they were stationed here in the 1970s.  Perhaps we will move into the building David occupied before we married.  Both buildings are within walking distance of the grocery store and the Episcopal church where we married over 30 years ago, and where my youngest son attended pre-kindergarten, 45 years ago, with Mrs. Biddle, a teacher whose family lived on the next block over in their ancestral home. 

Kathleen Kelly, one of my artist friends, made a print of the Biddle house when she lived on the same street. I have it hanging in my living room for John to take someday.  As the neighborhood gentrified, many of the artists moved away, but I have an artist’s rendition of how the place looked before someone renovated it.


10 thoughts on “Bit and Bobs Sunday

  1. If your market has water spinach I can send you a recipe a Thai friend taught me,no not too hot.I know what you mean about the cooking versus buying,I did find that Stouffers makes a stuffed cabbage that is close to mine and it comes in single servings since the cats aren’t intersted in sharing.


  2. I am another who invariably has to call my wife for further instructions re: the shopping list. It’s better than coming back with the wrong item!

    P.S. What time should I come by for some of that delicious chili this evening?


  3. Sounds like an excellent store with excellent help for the shoppers. Your diet is healthier than mine. As I age, I find myself getting lazier, opting for easy recipes with only a few ingredients.


  4. A personal shopper! How lucky you are. I could have done with your David over the past month to do my shopping for me. I am hoping to try driving during the week, but the injured foot will be stuck on the accelerator for the duration.


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