Shock and awe

You know you have been influenced by Hollywood when a line from a movie comes to mind when you read a serious article in the newspaper. The past few weeks, I have had these reactions following:

1/ Terrorism by Al Kaida in Libya on 9-11 which destroyed a consulate and killed our ambassador. (you thought it was a movie trailer, perhaps?)

“I am shocked, shocked,” (Claude Rains as the French authority in Casa Blanca reacting to something he knew was going on).

My question: Why wasn’t the Ambassador Stevens better protected? He was at the top of the AK list for retribution; a known terrorist recently released from Gitmo was in town; and it was 9-11. 

2/ The murder of our troops in Afghanistan by “friends”

“You want the truth, you can’t handle the truth,” Jack Nicolson as a Marine general involved in a cover-up in A Few Good Men.


Come to think of it, the quote I used for number 1 would work for problem number 2 and vice versa.

Do you ever have the feeling the country is being run by the Lavender Hill Mob or the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. Or, perhaps it is Al Capone’s old gang??

But, I thought they were all charged with tax evasion and ended up in the pen?


Democrat Timothy Kaine running for the Senate seat in VA opened his mouth at a debate with George Allen yesterday and said he was not averse to the idea of having everyone in the US pay some taxes. Allen immediately jumped on him and called him a “tax and spend” Democrat. Kaine immediately linked Allen to Romney’s (heavily edited) comments regarding the population that accepts help. 

Simultaneously yesterday, Republicans in the gang of six in the US Senate (which includes VA Democrat Senator Mark Warner, and my hero) announced that if Mr. Obama won, he would have a mandate to raise taxes, and they (the Republicans) would go along with tax hikes.  The word from some in the gang (Durbin D-Il) is that they, the gang of six, will support implementing the  Bowles-Simpson recommendations as soon as Congress reconvenes.  This is sure to lead to a fur fight.


The New York Times reports (9/21/12) that Britain is having difficulty paying for its welfare state, as in…it can’t afford it.  Apparently, the UK debt/GDP ratio is worse than Spain’s but the UK qualifies for interest rates similar to those pulled by Germany, the economic power-house of Europe.  Low interest rates mean you can continue to borrow from Peter to pay Paul.  Did we not once think of this approach to finance as rearranging chairs on the deck of the Titanic? 


Sundance  “But I can’t swim.”

Butch Cassidy “The fall will kill you.”

The real Butch Cassidy. You thought he was a Hollywood legend perhaps?

10 thoughts on “Shock and awe

  1. The simile of rearranging those deck chairs sure is a bleak and accurate description of the efforts of our nation’s leadership for the past several decades.


  2. Shocked, shocked….” Was that Fatty Arbuckle too? Gee, I am a wildy mad left winger that truly believes that we ALL must live with balanced budgets. Balance is a one word solution.

    So what book did you download.

    And…I find that I’m still bringing home real books but I am buying old favorites to keep on the tablet. The “Monument Men” was rather like reading a thesis, but it was good to find out what happened to the art and the folks that worked with it.


  3. I’m having a little trouble following this entry but do want to say that I think it is wonderful that you and I can have completely opposite views as to politics and still stay blogger friends. Isn’t that what our country is built on? I wish the House and the Senate could get back to doing the same.


  4. Clever post! Yeah, politics is just a Hollywood movie, if not a circus. I am not averse to raising taxes on the wealthy in order to protect benefits for the poor. I admire Warren Buffett for advocating it.


    • Thanks Gigi,

      I notice Mr. Buffet has his children’s trust funds all set up. Must be nice. I don’t think anyone is advocating not helping the truly needy. However, I have always told my children, you can’t give what you don’t have.


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