How are things in your world?

With my daughter working 60 hours a week as a Special Education teacher, and granddaughters flown the nest, except for one who is living and working at home, I can discover what’s happening with them by catching up on their Facebook pages.

Having graduated two years ago, Hannah is living back in her college town, working on art projects, (hopefully) taking graduate courses, and managing the dining hall or something like that in between. She was in graduate school at a different college, but did not like the focus of the program, so she switched schools. She has no time to keep up with a FB page so I know less about her than the other girls.

Amelia is also living in her college town and working for the university book store..I think. She had two part-time jobs with no benefits, but Mom reports that Amelia now has benefits and better pay.

Rita is living at home and has two jobs. Weekdays she works as vet tech in a nearby small animal clinic. Weekends she works for a tea shop in her quaint little town. Rita obtained a couple of years of higher education, and then decided to leave college for now.  She wants to be a bona fide vet tech, so her plan is to eventually get a two-year degree in that field while continuing to work.

This fall, our baby granddaughter Joy left for college. She has been home one time, but spent most of her time with her boyfriend Joshua. I pulled the photo above from her FB page. 

I asked Joy to take photos of her dorm room so that I could see what it looked like. Here’s what I found:



10 thoughts on “How are things in your world?

  1. I so enjoy your grandchild accounting. That boyfriend is a winner with his red hair. Margot had two with red hair like that. Love the one hiding behind the fish. Humor there. That last one also has a magnified and delightful sense of humor. What a keeper she is. 🙂


  2. Joy has good taste in boyfriends,he’s redheaded. Kudos to Connie, four girls, and I thought three was an impossible number. Some how I think her daughters were/ are a little more manageable than mine.A friend of mine here is a special ed. teacher she will retire soon. She said it’s been hard but rewarding.


  3. I am glad they live such busy lives. Better than being bored and at loose ends. I probably will never have a Facebook account. When my daughter broke up with her boyfriend, she tried to delete her FB account, but failed. She could only deactivate it. My blog, on the other hand, can easily be deleted with just a click of a button. That’s why I prefer blogging.


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