Travel plans

I spoke with my DIL yesterday about my “needs” for the visit in three weeks. I am determined to stay on this healthy diet.  She says she will collect the foodstuffs I need to make smoothies and eat healthy for the visit. We talked about grab bars in bathrooms and other safety issues as well.

Wendy’s mom is my age and diabetic, so Wendy is familiar with the issues associated with aging. As the other grandmother lives in Sacramento, she sees the grandsons more often than me and she has laid a trail to follow.

While I am visiting my son and his family, I will also see Mage over at the Postcards blog. (See sidebar for her address.) Mage is about my age and unlike me who spent a life working with statistics or number-crunching or “bean-counting” as the ill-informed call it, Mage is an artist. I love artists, and I am looking forward to being inspired by her conversations as much as I look forward to her blog each day. Mage has said she will show me the San Diego “old town” too.

Richard and Wendy have promised to take me to the Botanic Gardens one day.  It’s been a while, but I hope to see all kinds of tropical and neo-tropical vegetation.  The San Diego botanic gardens are famous.


Yesterday, White Flower Farm, the nursery I use for buying perennials online, informed me the very popular coreopsis I ordered is on backorder until the end of September.   

I am getting three more Coreopsis like those shown in the photos. I have already planted the three white Echinacea I ordered this past August.

I planted 3 of each of these plants last fall as a test. All of them are doing nicely in my sunny but hot front garden. I love them.  They are drought tolerant and so pretty in the blazing days of July.  They positively thrive in the sun and heat if you are looking for something for those conditions.


The weather is perfect, the dog days of summer a bad memory, and in fall the gardener’s heart turns to soil. Call it the triumph of hope over experience, but we gardeners never give up.

This morning, the new Bob Woodward book was already on my Kindle when I opened it.  Yesterday, I finished the Finlayson book on the Neanderthals. The take away from the Finlayson book is this:  Homo Sapiens survived while other human species failed, because H S was in the right place at the right time, i.e. what we called the Levant when I was growing up, and what they call the Middle East since.  Seems one of our trusty forebears discovered farming in a place where it mattered. Finlayson doesn’t say this, but I think it was a woman. 

Its only logical. I mean who was out hunting and who was home with the kids?  Mom is watching little Johnny.  He’s  pulling up things and trying to eat them. On the other hand, maybe it was little Johnny who discovered that plants grow in soil and plants produce wonderful things to eat. You can learn a lot from observing kids.  Boggles the mind, doesn’t it? 

(Below, Wisconsin in fall photo from cousin Paul)   





6 thoughts on “Travel plans

  1. Gee, have the leaves turned already in Wisconsin? I think you’re absolutely correct that it was a woman or the child that discovered farming. Your Calif. trip sounds interesting. I have to fly east to see my family and never a direct flight, unless, occasionally I want to go into LAX which I have come to dislike in my later years. Returning from Hawaii a few years ago the pre-arranged transport to bring me to my home left without me and it was literally hours before I could get home totally exhausted. A partial refund did little to make up for what they did. Haven’t flown from there since.

    My last trip coming home from Detroit after a change in Salt Lake City to my close by airport, I used a wheelchair for the first time. Even though I had what would have been good between flight times previously in my life, I would never had made the connections if someone who knew exactly where they were going hadn’t whisked me over to gates that were probably as far away as they possibly could have been from my entrance into the airport and later connecting flight’s gate. I don’t look forward to coming to Richmond ’cause I have to go through Atlanta. Jet Blue I like for seating comfort and coming in to Long Beach has worked out. (Better pricing, too, going from Richmond to NYC and a direct flight to Long Beach — go figure, I thought that was crazy!)


  2. might have to give those cheerful-looking varieties a try in my front yard next year. All the best on your flight and stay. Before a much shorter trip to Virginia for my niece’s college graduation, I worried about the same things that you have expressed concern about. My brother and sister-in-law had done their homework and had planned thoroughly and effectively, even building times and accommodations for naps or just an opportunity for me to stretch out on a bed in quiet comfort. It sounds as though your daughter is well-prepared for your visit.

    I have to say, I would have had great difficulty making it on time and safely to the gates for connecting flights had not my husband prearranged the airline’s option for having an airport employee meet me with a wheelchair and ferry me to the correct gate on time. Plus, the jostling throngs would have posed great difficulties for my maintaining any walking speed and balance.

    If you are not choosing to go with the assistance available, I have found my therapist’s suggestion on target. If you anticipate being in a crowd, use a hiking stick. I guess a cane would work, too. Even if you are walking with confidence post stroke, the “assistive device” alerts others to avoid bumping you, brushing up against you or suddenly cutting across your path with rolling baggage.

    Thanks for your travel update via comment on my post, especially about your efforts to prevent a “fall from the sky!”


    • Hi Linda, I am not leaving here for CA until October 4 or three weeks from Thursday. Just obsessing about all the “to do” stuff early I suppose. I will probably carry a cane with me, but would be concerned about where to place the walking stick on the plane. Don’t want someone using it as a weapon or falling over it. Thanks for the advice. Travelers around here are always in a hurry. I used to be in a hurry too.


  3. ABC’s Diane Sawyer interviewed Bob Woodruff regarding his new book. It’s a good thing Joe Biden took over and persuaded the Republicans to prevent the major default that loomed over the government. Something Obama and Boehner couldn’t do. Sounds like an interesting book,

    I like those flowers. Right now, we are having the darndest time with our Dwarf Ixora. We are constantly replacing dead ones while some of them seem to be thriving.

    Enjoy your trip to San Diego. Visiting with friends, family and the sights sounds great!


    • I read five chapters of the Woodward book this morning. Interesing stuff. I think the left-wing Dems were as recalcitrant as the right-wing Reps when it came to working on the problem of debt and deficits. My heros are the Blue Dog Dems like my VA senator Mark Warner.


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