Hooked on books

Sometimes there are not enough hours in the day.  Now that I finished scanning most of the negatives in my film box, I will have more time to read.  I love reading. Having nearly finished Clive Finlayson’s book on the Neanderthals by reading one chapter each morning (before 6 AM), I have ordered a couple of new books, including the The Price of Politics, by Bob Woodard. I bought a copy for my Kindle and a hardcover for David for his birthday (today).  I also ordered the paperback version of Confidence Men by Ron Susskind for David.  I have this book on my Kindle.  This morning I ordered the hardcover (so both David and I can read it) version of a new book about World War II by Anthony Beever, and the Kindle version of The Fossil Chronicles by Dean Falk.

After I finished my history degree this past May, I was “burned out” on books about war, particularly WWII, but I am ready to begin reading them again.


I sure hope I can take my Kindle on the airplane to CA.  I haven’t flown often since 9-11, so have little idea of what they will and will not let me take on the flight. This morning, my DIL shared information about what to expect.  I forgot to ask about the Kindle, so if anyone knows the answer to my question…can you take it on the plane….I would appreciate hearing from you.

 Above, Lake Leman in Switzerland. View from Château de Chillon near Montreux Switzerland. (Schmidley, 1998)

I know I can’t take scissors on the plane and to compensate I bought a little yarn cutter tool from the Yarn Market. If I take my crochet bag with me I will need it.  Wendy says I should pack my toiletries, pills etc. in a plastic quart bag. I suppose that will make it easier for the inspector at the air port to examine.  Also she said to carry small bottles of “stuff” like shampoo. I noticed the supermarket carries sample bottle sized items for most toiletries.  Very handy.  When I traveled weekly for several decades, I bought small plastic bottles and filled them with whatever.  Later, when I went to use them, I had to guess the contents, but it sure made my luggage much lighter.  Fortunately, I have a good nose, or did. 

I had given my granddaughters all my luggage for their travel to college, so I bought myself a new Baggallini rolling tote for my birthday last May. Very nice bag I can stash in the overhead compartment.         

On the Montrealer in 1985. 

8 thoughts on “Hooked on books

  1. I also OD’d on WWII books over the years. Haven’t gone back to them yet. Just started “A Magnificent Catastrophe”, about the election of 1800. I figured it will help me get through this current election to read that it was just as bad (or worse) over two hundred years ago.


    • I will look this book over. I am a Eurpean historian with lots of American history thrown into the mix such as 18 hours of undergraduate American history, but mostly familiar with the political economy of the US from the Civil War forward. Your book sounds interesting.


  2. Don’t take an alarm clock with you — the tick tick kind. I packed one in my CHECKED IN luggage (not carry on) and TSA in Korea unlocked my bag with a generic key, took the clock apart and messed up my bag AFTER I had checked it in. I didn’t know about this until I opened my bag at home. What a shock! I guess a clock could be misconstrued as a bomb.


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