I hope I’m not driving you crazy

 Last evening I downloaded some of my newly created photo files to a ZIP drive and filled a 250 MB disk with shots from my trip to Spain in 1997. I erased about 1/4 of the photos.  Just think how much I have spared you. I figure when I die, my son can take the disk with the remaining photos as a memento. 

Except for a few shots like the one above (view from my hotel balcony in Gibraltar showing the shipping lane in the Straits), I probably won’t post any more of the photos from Spain for a while.  I saw much while I was there, but even my DIL got tired of my constant camera clicking and buried her face in Richard’s chest after a while. 


 Last evening, I discovered I had some negatives of photos my grandparents took of my Dad and his sisters sometime before he left for college.  I did not know I had them.  Aunt Marge must have given them to me.  She had many of the old family photos dating back into the nineteenth century in boxes in her basement.  They disappeared after she died.  I think my Aunt Rosemary took them when she helped Marge clean out her old apartment or else she chucked them out on the spot.

Cousin Anne reported that when they cleaned out their own house Aunt Rosemary and Uncle Clarence rented one of those skips and filled it with household refuse including photos, etc. Anne jumped in the dumpster and managed to save some things, but much was left unsaved.  

This is why I have enlisted David to help me clean out all our old papers, photos, etc.  He worked all day the past few days to eliminate letters, tax records, employment junk, etc.  He says the shredder is about to have a nervous breakdown.  I reminded him I have another shredder in my office upstairs.

Although I have disposed of much, I have much to do.  I can see the handwriting on the wall and the end is nigh whether we like it or not. David’s birthday is Monday (He will be 83) and he says all he wants is a coconut cake.  I told him I was not putting any candles on it.  I bought him a leaf/snow blower which he plans to test this morning.  Below, some of the old photos I salvaged. 

My Dad and his five sisters in the 1920s. 

Upper left photo: Aunt Marge next to Dad on top row, Priscilla and Rosemary in middle and Rita in front. Above right: Rita and Dad.   Bernadette removed herself from the family gathering and is in the photo below. 

8 thoughts on “I hope I’m not driving you crazy

  1. I included some old family photos in my memoirs, and if the photos perish in a house fire, my memoirs can be found in libraries in Hawaii and California … not to mention my blog!


  2. I can see alittle of you in the faces of your father’s younger sisters. Wow ! five sisters??? He either grew up really liking women or… I remember once after I was grown seeing my Aunt’s hand and seeing my own reproduced . It was a strange feeling.

    1 five


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