A most beautiful place

Spent the morning scanning photos from my box.  I assigned David a cleanup project which will probably take him the rest of his life.  His room is a tip, a pit, a dump, a trash heap.  I told him we can scan any important papers. Let’s join the paperless society.

I began with the negatives from my trip to Spain to see my son and his wife, who now live in San Diego with their boys.  They were newly weds in those days I visited them in Spain.

Richard was on his second tour of Spain which he loves and probably why today he lives in California or ‘New Spain’ as it was once known. Either that or the fact Wendy is a California native.  I took hundreds of photos on my visit, but included only a few here.  See if you don’t think Spain is a most beautiful place. 

 Immediately above and below left, shots from Puerto de Santa Maria on the Atlantic Coast of Spain and near Cadiz.

Wendy and Richard in Tarifa. Way below, at the Straights of Gibralter.   

7 thoughts on “A most beautiful place

  1. Spain is lovely. I would love to see Spain and Portugal some day.

    Best wishes to David as he sorts through stuff and sends the majority to the dump. He will thank his wife for motivating him.


  2. You are causing me to expand my wish list of places to visit. And your son and DIL are so attractive, they could be in a tourism commercial. From the photos I imagine mild, comfortable temperatures. Our destinations and time of the year to travel depend in part on the fact that my husband’s enthusiasm diminishes as temperatures rise.


    • Thank you. Yes Wendy is beautiful and they have beautiful sons too. I am to visit them the first week in October and will take lots of photos.

      Richard and Wendy had no air conditioning in Spain, so I don’t think the area along the coast gets very hot in summer, although the interior on the high plains is hard to take.


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