Where in the world is Carmen San Diego when you need her?

No long post today.  I have spent the past 9 days scanning slides. Iam now working on negatives.  What a lot of them I have.  This Epson scanner (idea from Kay at Musings) is wonderful.  Slowly, I have located all kinds of interesting features on both my scanner and Windows software.  Both of them allow me to reverse a slide…like so.

A scene from Paris in 1997.

So, all the slides or negatives I entered backwards I can reverse.  Amazing software??

Aunt Marge warned me decades ago, that “you need to label your photos.”  Of course, being the child I am, I did not listen to her, and now have the pleasure of sorting photos by memory. The good news is that drinking 3 cups of coffee a day slows the progression of mental acuity deterioration. 

This does not help if you took shots of the same building in 3 different years at three different times of the year and day.  For example, take Magdalen College at Oxford.  Depending on the light and where you were standing when you took the photo, you get very different appearances. 

This leads to another lesson. Architectural detail matters.  I was able to fit these three photos together owing to a keen eye for window placement, the shape and number of  spires on a tower, and other detail.

I still have a few unidentified photos from those I took in England.  If I get off my duff and walk upstairs I can check my album, where hopefully, I have attached labels…if I have these particular photos or one taken the same place on the same day.  

I think the tower below is in central England, but I could be wrong. And it isn’t Oxford.  I thought it might be York, but don’t remember anything as tall as the Minster.  The church tower in the distance looks like several other photos in my collection.

You need to label your negatives, or at least write the date and location on the package.  Oh that’s right, with the new digital cameras, we have entirely different issues.  

12 thoughts on “Where in the world is Carmen San Diego when you need her?

  1. You are obviously having great fun with your photos and slides. I did our slides a few years ago, but don’t know if I can be bothered doing the photos. By the way, could the church be Boston Stump, Lincolnshire?


  2. You are great even if you don’t label stuff. When I still used film, each folder has the date and the contents. This week I pulled some shots out to keep with me carefully writing the date and person in it on the back….in all but two. Made me laugh. I will have to go down to the garage and check the date on the painting in the shot to date the shot.

    You will be very proud of me. I’m down to 3 boxes of photos to pick through then this whole job is done. I have about an inch of photos to scan. I can’t believe I am so close to finishing.

    Hope you are having a nice cool holiday. I do like the new picture of you at the top.


  3. To scan old photos I need to rip them out of albums first.
    I don’t know if I want to bother to do that or even label the old stuff. I’m not sure that anyone in the family is really interested.

    Thank you for your lovely comment about Germans being liked in the US. After 30+ years in the UK I still smart at off-hand, often cruel, remarks made by the British.


  4. Whether or not you can remember the where, what and when, these shots are awesome and, once again, strengthen my travel-urges to explore the British Isles. Thanks for the scanner specifics. My husband and I were also remiss in labeling. We still are, but at least digital images have the date in the images’ info files.


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