Scanning negatives yesterday, I found family photos  of my granddaughter on her first Halloween.  I love all the holidays, but Halloween might be my favorite. I must show you these cute photographs of each of us with granddaughter Hannah in 1988-89.

In the first one, Hannah sees Grandma and Pops at the front door.    

Next Pops holds Hannah.

And Grandma plays with Hannah. Funny grandma.   Now is Hannah the cutest granddaughter ever or what? (Don’t tell my other granddaughters I said that.)


7 thoughts on “Memories

  1. I’ve paid close attention to what grandmas say. The inescapable conclusion is that every granddaughter is the cutest ever! But if there’s a contest, Hanna would be tough to beat.


  2. Everyone loves looking at those old photos of people we remember. But there are no photos as wonderful as the ones of our little girls. Fer sure, Hannah gets my vote as cutest granddaughter!


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