Rolling stones gather lots of photos

 David laughed at me when I brought one of my several acid-free boxes filled with slides and negatives from the big armoire in my guest bedroom. “More slides?” he questioned.  Well, sort of.  These are the slides I didn’t know I had, although many of them also in photo albums. (Below, Central Park NYC)


I found more photos of relatives long gone, relatives I haven’t seen in a while,  and far too many of me.  By yesterday afternoon, I had decided I had posed for far too many photographs, over my lifetime.  (above left, David with cousin Heike in Waukesha WI, Bernadette (Aunt Bernie) and pal; right Lake Michigan near Sheboygan WI) 



As I scanned slides and photos yesterday, and figured out how to scan negatives this morning, I realized we did a heck of a lot of traveling together and apart.

For two decades, from the early 1980s until 2002, I traveled to NYC no less than 4 times per year.  David and I traveled together to NYC and other places, like Ohio and Arkansas, where I gave talks regarding demographic issues.  We also traveled all over the US and Canada for pleasure.

(above and right–> David in the Montreal Botanic Gardens in 1985? Below, me in Salem MA in 1985 in another grave yard; Tony and Arlene’s place in PA in 1998.)   

5 thoughts on “Rolling stones gather lots of photos

  1. I am enjoying your digitizing life-long memories without any effort on my part. Again, you are inspiring me. It seems you are getting good results with your images whether slides, negatives or photos. I am sure you must have mentioned which scanner you are using; but if i can’t find that post, I will be back begging for specifics! I need to start scanning while there is some chance that I will remember who, when, where and what about the images.


    • Yes, like the country-western ballad…I’ve been everywhere…in the US. I was a military wife for 22 years, moved 32 times as a child, and traveled with various jobs. David and I also traveled for pleasure. Some memories are great, others not so great.


  2. “The Way We Were…” It’s a good thing you have such a modern, efficient scanner now. Mine is slow and clunky, which is why I can’t be bothered with scanning old photos. Love to see what you used to look like back then.


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