A noticing kind of person….

My chief joy when traveling is to observe and note small things, curtains in windows, cars, pets, flower pots. Oh sure, its fun to travel around big cities observing monuments and such, but I like looking into back yards and through picture windows on late night strolls.  One of my anthropology professors said that’s why we become social scientists…we like to see how others live. 

Of course, this behavior could get you into trouble too.  Some folks might think you are a Nosy Parker.  I hate to admit it, but more than one person probably thought I was overly curious, especially in England.

But folks like to look at my house and gardens too.  More than once someone has stopped their car to observe me in the yard, or if on foot, come up the driveway to examine a plant.

My neighbor who drives a limousine comes up to my yard everyday to pick a flower for his lapel. One day, he stopped his car to tell me how much he liked my flowers.  

I grew poppies in the front garden until a young man came up to me one day and asked if he could pull the pods.  I told him, sure as soon as they dry, I will give you some seeds.  Of course he wanted something different. I knew what grows in poppies because my wicked step mother who grew real opium poppies showed me how to harvest the stuff that makes dope.

Below are some of the slides I scanned in recent days showing small details of everyday life. They come from Tunbridge Wells and Rye, little towns in Southern England:

1. I think I will try those miniature daffodils in pots next year.

2. My kind of pots.


3. Family burial plot?

4. Wisteria over a blue door.

5. What is written on the wall?


6. Is that house pink?

7. The Yellow Door.

12 thoughts on “A noticing kind of person….

  1. Excellent photos! They make one want to stop in and chat with the folks who live in those houses. We also think it is a lot more rewarding to interact with people and personal places than merely doing the tourist thing when we travel.


  2. I do enjoy the monuments and cathedrals and grand architecture, but I also share your nosy urges. A quick trip that always ignites those urges is a weekend jaunt to New Orleans. Glimpses of gardens, courtyards and home interiors from sidewalk, streetcar or our vehicle never ceases to fascinate and send my imagination into overdrive about the lives lived in those gardens and homes.

    Such experiences are more fleeting in our limited foreign travels, but visits to local markets and grocers, whether far from home in our own country or beyond the U.S., are always a delightful immersion into local “real life.”


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