Just so you know

 I am still working on slides.  I thought I had finished the lot, but have discovered 3 more boxes of them. Below is a shot of David taken just after WWII.  He was posted in New Jersey with the Army and the girl next to him is his first love (he married some one else on the rebound). The older woman is his father’s sister.  I think they are at Ocean City NJ before it became the gambling capital of the East Coast. 

I love the boardwalk, but didn’t get to NJ until many years later.  I figure I was between the ages of 8-10 years old when he knew Nancy, so he would have thought I was a cute little girl and nothing more in those days.  I love this photo. 

You can see David’s wonderful nose which he later broke. David had an alcohol problem and he doesn’t remember how he broke his nose, or when or where the photo was taken, but he  remembers the girl’s name. He was in touch with Nancy’s mother until she died a few years ago. Nancy’s father was a Wall Street banker, and he didn’t think David was good enough for his daughter so she married someone else.  David is 12 years older than me and when we married, Nancy’s mother told him, regarding me, “she will keep you young.”


After all that preview, the stupid photo won’t work so I posted  one below I copied afterwards which shows David in Ocean City NC in the 1980s, just before we married. Thin as a rail now, his only comment on seeing the photo was, “God I had muscles back then.”

Back to the drawing board.  See you later.


8 thoughts on “Just so you know

  1. Tell David I feel his pain. I also was the suitor of a potential wife whose father told her frankly, “dump that jerk!” She did, but I ended up with the greatest gal in the world as a result. I never got a chance to thank him before he died.


  2. Converting slides seems like a major job that eats up time. I spent weeks scanning old family photos on to the computer some years ago. It was well worth it as I was able to share them with all my siblings.


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