Trial and Error

If at first you don’t succeed, you got to go on sucking until you do succeed. After several days of trial and error (I will spare you the details) I finally managed to pull up a single slide photo with color. In other words a .jpeg file.  I include this as an insert to see if I can do it.  The next step will be to enlarge the darn thing.

The photo is dark I know, but I took it in November in England. 

I discovered early on that England (and all northern Europe) is very dark in the late autumn and winter months. The sun rises around 9AM and sets around 4PM. Or at least it seemed like that to me.  This is probably why seasoned tourists travel there in the summer months. 

But I like the dour time of year.  My attitude toward life was quite somber for a long time. I am old now, they tell me, so I should be unhappy. But guess what, I am happy. Happiness is in the journey, and old age is a foreign country.


I am happy because I finally cracked the code with this software.  All it took was lots of trial and error.  I was like this all my life, I had to do it myself, make my own mistakes and learn.  One thing I have realized with the early slides is that I am not going through 5,000 slides the hard way.  I ordered a lighted slide sorter, so I can figure out exactly what I might want to copy.  After I do this I am going to chuck the lot.  As for being destroyed in fires, I don’t worry about that.  Yes, I will spend some time doing this, but the work is just another step in clearing out the clutter (there is the method to my madness)


I have missed all of you and will be back soon to visit your sites and see what you are doing. In the meantime, keep on trucking. 




9 thoughts on “Trial and Error

  1. Inspiratiom with brave words that I need to follow like trash, spare you the details (unfortunately I rarely do that, hence the need of inspiration from your example), declutter and keep on trucking.


  2. You and Kay are wonderful. Yes, Now I can see the castle. Now too you can enlarge it, lighten it, sharpen it, et al, all on Photoshop. That’s what I have been doing with the best of my photographs. Hope your back is vastly better soon.


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