Recovering the past

Looking at all the lovely slides Kay at Musings has recently scanned into photos, I got inspired to copy a few myself.

I began by ordering the Epson Perfection V500 which Kay was using to scan her slides.

After much effort, I finally got the machine to stop screaming at me when I turn it on.  Now to figure out how to break those slides into separate photographs.

This is what I have accomplished so far. Isn’t it pathetic? This is a castle, somewhere in England. I recall it had a moat around it, and David slipped into the moat. If I can turn this negative into a print, I will tell you the story and the name of the castle.

Stupidly, I never labeled my slides, so it will be a real trip down memory lane to go through the boxes and boxes of slides stored in my upstairs office. If you don’t hear from me for a while, you will know I got lost.tmp712 

6 thoughts on “Recovering the past

  1. No slides here. Your images arrived here as black boxes. Darn, no castle. Gigi’s comment is so frightening. I’m over half done scanning the old images here, and I have to remind myself to grab the back up computer as I run from the fire. LOL


  2. Oh wow! You’ve reminded me this is on my list to do. I have wonderful slides of photos my husband took through the years. At one point we ceased to label them, and now he’s gone with his vivid recollection of the sites for each of them. Patty at “Texas Trifles” transferred some of her slides which also reminded me I wanted to do this. Hope the process keeps getting more and more perfected and easier as some who’ve described it in the past said it was quite tedious. Keep me informed of how you progress all the details.


  3. A friend of mine transferred all of her family videos into DVDs and her family photos into CDs. Then 2 weeks after the last one was finished, her entire house burned down. When a reporter interviewed her, the first thing she said was she regretted not storing her DVDs and CDs in a safer place. All of her work was destroyed…


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