Lying to myself

Its been a long, long time since my heart fluttered over a candidate. The last time was when John Kennedy ran for office.  I liked him so much I worked in his campaign. I still have a Kennedy button from that campaign.  I like to think I am a rational person, who decides which candidate to support based on the evidence and my political beliefs, but the time has come to face the truth, like automobiles, when I select one, I do it based on my gut feeling.

This means my voting record has been erratic to say the least. This means I am now and always have been a sucker for an Irish Catholic boy.  This means I have been lying to myself…again.


Why do we lie to ourselves?  I lied when I said coffee did not bother me. It does.  David and I generally have a cup of coffee in the afternoon, always before six o’clock. Yesterday, I did not make coffee late in the day, and we ate cheesecake before bed.  I slept like a baby last night and so did he.  The answer is cheesecake I tell him this morning, but not until I check my WW points. 

Yes, if I give up a few other things (like coffee with 1/4 cup of cream late in the day, I can have a small slice of cheesecake.  I think of those Golden Girls who wolfed down cheesecake every time they had a problem.  They’re all dead now, but it wasn’t cheesecake that killed them. I tell David I am making a pot of tea for us to have during our afternoon programs, and he says wistfully, “With cheesecake?”  No, eating the leftovers from yesterday will be better for us.  If I stay within my points, I can have cheesecake tonight before bed which is when the Golden Girls ate it. 


We have a busy, for us, week coming up.  Dogs to the groomer, David to the eye doctor (over his protestations), me to the hospital to have blood drawn for a test. I have been carrying a prescription, from my GP, in my purse for months.

Seth is coming Wednesday to look over the yard and discuss what his garden center will do for me this fall. They get so busy, I am lining up the job now. Our weather is cool, and lately, we have had adequate rain, so things are turning green again.  My clematis, confused by the July heat and drought, have thrown out a few flowers on new growth.  They look pretty, tangled in the morning glories and petunias, which are generally the only things blooming out back in August.

My new journal came.  The first day is August 31 and it runs 16 months.  I tell myself, I will keep an honest record. Meanwhile, I am burying myself in books.  Hopefully, that will keep me out of the cheesecake.  On the other hand, maybe a little slice wouldn’t hurt.  




15 thoughts on “Lying to myself

  1. I long ago overcame the cheese cake problem. But, what do I do about the dark chocolate covered almonds? I buy them, telling my self I’ll carefully ration them — guess it all depends on what constitutes rationing.

    Fortunately, no one particular type man based on religion and ancestral nationality attracts my vote for any office — makes it easier to concentrate on other features/qualities — and I don’t mean physical attributes (though it’s always nice if they appear healthy.) 😉


  2. Here they say: “A little of what you fancy does you good.” It’s all a matter of balance, they also say. I don’t know, – or rather I do know but don’t want to listen – will I never be able to indulge myself without feeling guilty? If we just stop lying to ourselves, wouldn’t that make up for the naughty things we do? Sometimes?


  3. Betty White is still alive. I recently bought her book on my Kindle. It’s an entertaining memoir! She’s been on Saturday Night Live as well as in that Snickers commercial. And she is now acting in a sitcom for television. Busy lady at age 90. Or is it 80?

    I eat cheesecake now and then, but it’s too rich for me. I prefer dark chocolate cake with milk chocolate frosting. Sinful! Lol.

    JFK had an enormous sexual appetite. He put Jackie through hell. Really not a good husband, at all, unfortunately.


    • Oh Yes, I forgot about Betty. I don’t watch much commercial TV so I would have missed her.

      Women found JFK really appealing, ditto Bill Clinton. That was what made them so attractive to female voters I think.


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