What’s for lunch….

I’m making corned beef and cabbage for lunch.  I also tossed several carrots into the mix.  How does that sound for healthy? NO, I don’t worry about salt.  My Doc told me my sodium level was low.  Now if he would tell me my sugar level was lower, that would be good.

The “corned” in corn beef comes from he hard grainy salt used to cure the beef. The British once called anything hard and grainy “corn.”  The proper name for our Indian corn was Maize. The Europeans fed corn grain to their horses.

Did you know there are many varieties of corn?  Horse corn is yellow, tough and has large kernels.  The corn or maize humans like is sweet, tender and has small kernels.

Speaking of horses, On Cook’s County yesterday, I learned that horse-radish comes from the horses people once used to trample the radish root which is hard and stringy.  This apparently softened the horse-radish enough for human consumption. I love horse-radish on beef tenderloin, but the corned beef we are having is not beef tenderloin.  Horse radish foliage to the left and horse-radish roots right.

10 thoughts on “What’s for lunch….

  1. Umm! Sounds like good eatin’! I, too, like a bit of horseradish. Never knew about actual horses stomping it. The lady in the cartoon has the right idea — why didn’t I think of that???


  2. Do you know that in the ummm… not so distant past, I used to also add Portuguese sausage to the corned beef and cabbage? Gone are those days, but it sure was yummy. Ummmm… I added broccoli to make up for the Portuguese sausage too. 🙂


  3. Corned beef in a can brings back lots of memories as a child and early married life ,it was one of my staples in cheap cooking. If you’re interested I can send you the info. I love horseradish it is often added to my soups and stews. A few years back I found horseradish sharp cheddar cheese awesome on a roast beef sandwich or in cheese grits.


  4. I have never seen corned beef in a can? I usually buy it in a plastic bag at the grocery store and cook it in water and spices then add potatoes, carrots and cabbage. I think it is called New England Boiled Dinner – I had never tasted this in France but I really like it – now can you get the same thing in a can?


  5. Hey, That’s me in the cartoon but without the abundant tresses! Glad you don’t have to watch both salt and sugar. I disliked horse radish in my younger days but actually like it in some instances now.


  6. Funny cartoon! Lol. I am not a fan of horseradish, as it is too pungent and hot. But, it’s interesting to know where the name came from. My father-in-law used to shun Portuguese red wine, because he said the people there stomped on the grapes with their feet. Don’t know if that’s true or not.


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