David called earlier from the supermarket, where he had lost the grocery list. Goodness knows what will be in those bags he just brought in the house. At least I know he bought some fish because he called again to report the Snapper had scales on it.  Get the butcher to remove them and fillet the fish, I suggested. Good thing we have cell phones.                                        


My latest crochet adventure reveals skills atrophied while I was away from yarn.  Although my fingers remember the stitches I learned so painfully all those years ago,  getting my arthritic hands to work presents a challenge.  The fifth time I ripped out what I had weaved with my little crochet hook, I decided to improvise, and four hours later got a section 4 feet long and two inches wide with the odd dog hair attached (Johnny likes to crawl in my lap while I work). 

So far, so good, although my pointer and index fingers as well as thumb on my right hand were numb again this morning. This has been going on for a while in both hands, largely because of typing on the computer.  Doc says it is probably carpel tunnel.


Most of the folks who normally use our local streets are away during August when Congress is in recess. Vacations, campaigning or whatever, makes most driving very nice.  Occasionally, the odd driver who thinks a normally crowded road has become a speedway endangers lives.  One of these speeders almost clobbered us last week. Fortunately, it was a near miss.  Had he survived the crash (the other driver was approaching from the left), the police would have charged David with reckless driving as he was pulling out of a side street near our house. 

Events like this and his fall down the stairs last week lead me to believe in fate.  When your time is up, your time is up. In the meantime, you might as well enjoy yourself.  Which we did yesterday with a nice meal at the Carriage House. The owner told us “Good thing we came when we did because today he is headed to Las Vegas for two weeks.”

As for me, I would rather stay home and look at my Begonia.

(Below Nell Gwynne today)




11 thoughts on “Puzzles

  1. I returned to knitting and crochet in the last couple of years, They were skills left dormant while I concentrated on creative embroidery by hand and machine. I too noticed that it took time to be comfortable again with the art of crochet and knitting. Now I am happy once more , but take a break from it for a couple of days every now and then. Do you spend much time at the computer? If the answer is yes, were you checked for repetitive strain injury RSI?


  2. Lovely begonia bloom! Gigi is so correct about not ignoring nerve issues. My MIL was busy crocheting to keep her arthritic fingers active. Recalling her accounts have some sense of what you must be experiencing, so hope you keep them going with as little discomfort as possible.

    Glad to hear David up and about, able to go to store, even if he did have to call you. Traffic must be horrendous once summer ends. Your mention of driving issues, reminds me of my friend’s concern with father’s driving is not only the risk for him and her mother, but potentially injuring others and the liabilities there. I think deciding to give up driving is a challenge I won’t welcome. I recall a friend of my mother’s struggles making that decision for herself, but she ultimately decided she was making the best decision.


  3. So glad you weren’t clobbered and left for dead. I’ve gotten fond of you. Yes, lovely flower….you can crop it closer tho. i do love your flowers.


  4. You should see an orthopedist regarding your hands. He will do an electronic test on them to confirm a diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome. David did and learned that the nerve in his left, dominant hand was almost dead. He was referred to an orthopedic surgeon, who operated on both hands. David’s right hand is now perfectly fine, but his left hand is still a little numb. BOTTOM LINE: GET THE TEST DONE BEFORE YOUR NERVE DIES!


  5. Your begonia is beautiful – I love its color. Here it is so warm that we have few flowers – we had more, in pots, but the squirrels ate all of them. It is still so warm though, that it is nice to stay indoors and read. I have read 5 mysteries in the last 10 days (all from the same author I just discovered.)


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