LIttle things

My friend Debbi, who lives on a ranch in the Sierra Nevada, sent the photo to the left of the border Collie at the lake on her property … pristine water from snow melt. (snow, what’s snow??)  


My granddaughter Joy rolled her truck over three times and escaped with her life and a scraped arm, “Because I was wearing a seat belt.”  She totaled her truck, but her boyfriend Josh, a skilled auto mechanic, is rebuilding it from the remaining parts and what they can scavenge from the local junk yards. You may recall that Joy is the youngest granddaughter, and headed to Virginia Tech this fall to the School of Agriculture.  She won’t be taking her truck with her.  Joy met Josh at the farm where they both work.  He maintains the farm machinery.

Meanwhile, my oldest granddaughters, Hannah and Amelia,  found jobs at the universities from whence they graduated, one in 2010 and the other in 2012. Hannah is working in food service and Amelia is playing in the university band. (They pay kids to do this.)

Connie says Hannah finally got her landlord to spray for roaches.  Every time the landlord passed her apartment, showing a potential new tenant a unit, Hannah made sure cans of RAID roach killer were prominently displayed in her windows.  She got some action from the landlord.

Connie said her stepdaughter Sarah called from Denver where she is working in food service at a local hospital. Sarah worked at Whole Foods here in Arlington before she moved to Denver.  Seems if you want a job in this awful economy, you can find it.

I told Connie I think her girls will be able to manage just fine in the big wide world as they have good coping skills and are not afraid of work.


I was washing dishes yesterday morning when I heard a loud crash.  David fell down the stairs and landed on his head. The very fragile skin on his forehead burst open and he began spouting blood everywhere (and blaming me….long story).  Today his nose and the spot on his head are better, but he says he hurts all over.  Amazing isn’t it how some folks fall and bounce and others don’t? I think it helps that we have wood flooring, however, the last time I fell down the stairs I broke a rib.

Now I am into the perennial dilemma, should we stay here with stairs or find a place on one level.  If we are careful, the stairs can give us a bit of exercise, if not we could take a tumble. A few years back we had double rails installed on both sides of the stairs.  But, if you don’t hold on to the rails, guess what? 


Why is it, the things that make most of us happy are the small things in life? For me this old song says it all:


18 thoughts on “LIttle things

  1. I’ve been glad I have a one story house, but wonder if I should have something smaller or that I don’t have to keep up exterior and yard. I just don’t like the idea of a homeowners assn. or group of other people in a position of dictating for all any more than our city already does. The city has been reasonable but have read some crazy stories about some of those residential living groups.

    I recall falling a decade ago. Even though, when I realized I’d lost my balance and relaxed for a theatre fall as we learned in college acting class, I still ended up with inner tissue bruising that left me with pain unlike any I’d had before that lasted much too long. But I survived — these years later would be less pleasant, I expect. There may be something to be said for having a little extra padding, my doctor said.


  2. I have lived in a bungalow for the last 35 years, but when I now visit and stay with family It takes a couple of days for my creaky joints to adjust to stairs and loosen up. I find descending more painful than climbing up and trying to carry anything is something I really need to think about.

    Glad David did not do any major damage. I fell flat on my face in the street last September, and still have nerve damage across my face and round my eye. I was warned it might take 18 months to heal, looks like that prediction was spot on. Stay safe and take care.


  3. Oh my gosh! That is so scary! I do worry about that at our house. We’ve got 21 steps to the second floor and my mother insists on coming up to mop our bathrooms. I might have to really put my foot down. Someday, I might have to consider the double railing.


  4. David’s fall and Joy’s truck gymnastics are too scary. Glad they are both basically okay. And your granddaughter’s strategy to secure her landlord’s cooperation on pest control is priceless. Best wishes on exploring options for safe living arrangements. Even with the heat, i am thankful I am recovering my mobility from a stroke on the FLAT Gulf Coast where I rarely have to worry about drastic changes in elevation and icy surfaces in winter.


  5. Whew, glad he’s okay. Stairs, or no stairs, that is the question for people like us. Mercyn sounds like she has the perfect answer. Btw, I’d never heard of Joni James, but that song is kinda nice. Thx. for the tip.


  6. Aww, poor David. I know how it feels to crash. At our age, as long as nothing breaks, it was a successful landing. Hope he quits hurting soon.
    Hannah was purely brilliant with the Raid can display.


  7. We downsized to a townhouse with first floor master and can live on one level 100% of the time if we wish; upstairs is a guest room, bathroom and attic storage. I would never go back to a bedroom on a second level. You will not regret the move!


  8. I’d sell the 2 story house and get a one story home. That’s what I set out to buy when we began house hunting in 1991. Absolutely no regrets, especially with hubby’s arthritis.


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