As it unfolds, the tuberous begonia, which grows from an ugly tuber reminds us of the rose.  Perhaps now you can see why I have hovered over it like an expectant parent for months.  This particular variant of tuberose is Nell Gwynne. Nell Gwynne was a comedy actress during the Restoration in England and the mistress of Charles II.  Gynne is also an ancestor of Lady Diana and Prince William. 

According to Wikipedia: 

Mary Meggs, a former prostitute nicknamed “Orange Moll” and a friend of Madam Gwyn’s, had been granted the licence to “vend, utter and sell oranges, lemons, fruit, sweetmeats and all manner of fruiterers and confectioners wares,” within the theatre.  Orange Moll hired Nell and her older sister Rose as scantily clad “orange-girls”, selling the small, sweet “china” oranges to the audience inside the theatre for a sixpence each. The work exposed her to multiple aspects of theatre life and to London’s higher society: this was after all “the King’s playhouse”, and Charles frequently attended performances. The orange-girls would also serve as messengers between the men in the audience and the actresses backstage; they received monetary tips for this role and certainly some of these messages would end in sexual assignations.

Now I am wondering whether the color orange had anything to do with Charles’ daughter Mary marrying her cousin William the Prince of Orange?  Probably had more to do with Charles living in the Spanish Netherlands during the Interregnum than anything else, although orange seems to have been a favorite color of Mary and William.

I am particularly fond of oranges.  Perhaps that’s why I have been searching for a shade of peach yarn.

7 thoughts on “Tuberose

    • So beautiful isn’t it? And cheerful too. I think someone made a Masterpiece play from the story a few years ago. Sam Neill played the naughty Charles II and Helena Bonham Carter played Moll. Another big “star” played Charles’ wife.


  1. Thanks for the tidbits about the Orange Girls. Lol. You’re a fountain of information, it seems. So did Gwynne bear Charles’ child, who later became Diana’s ancestor?


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