Thirty years

David and I celebrate 0ur 30 year wedding anniversary today. Other than go to school and be a Mom for 51 years, I have never done anything for 30 years.

Below is how we looked on our wedding day (my son John is behind David).

My granddaughter Joy took the photo below when we celebrated David’s 78th birthday. I was dieting then, so no cake for me.  

Below is a more recent photo taken a year or two ago when my cousins Anne and Michaela came by. I needed to be on a diet then.

I know this sounds like it’s all about me (it is) but the really irritating thing is David has hardly changed and I have fallen apart. When I remember he is 12.5 years older it is really annoying. He is losing his eyesight, however.  He tells me I am  as beautiful as ever. When I lose enough weight, I will wear my wedding ring again.  

16 thoughts on “Thirty years

  1. Glad you’ve weathered so many years. We were going for 43 when my husband inconsiderately died — he would laugh that I said that and probably have some smart quip.

    I wear my wedding ring — just on a different finger. Would that my husband had done that when he had so much swelling from steroids he had to take. Our house was broken into and they stole his wedding ring.


  2. Happy Anniversary! How wonderful to have had so many beautiful years together. I love your wedding photo. Gosh! You had 2 or 3 giant cakes? David is right. You are beautiful, Dianne. I love your silver hair.


  3. Congrats. Thirty is a nice number. We made it to 50 this year; you will be as slender as in photo number one when you get to your golden anniversary.


  4. Congrats on your anniversary. You certainly were a lovely and obviously happy bride. Wishing you many more.


  5. Congratulations. Only your hair color has really changed. All the rest of you looks just the same to me. I no longer even resemble the lady I was three years ago. One thing at a time here….I’m getting a new sponsor since all mine died. That will be a start.


  6. Ha! I don’t wear my wedding ring for the same reason. I plan to have it sized before my trip to India. I am obese and I know it. But, I have been on so many diets, lost the weight, and then gained it back and then some, I have decided not to go on another one. No more diets for me. I’ll just watch what I eat, but I intend to ENJOY every single morsel I eat. Yes, I am going to bake a dark chocolate cake and cover it with milk chocolate frosting today. Love cake! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU AND DAVID! Enjoy the celebration dinner!


  7. Congratulations on 30 happy years. Come on, admit it, they have been happy. You are beating us by 5 years.
    The main thing is that you have each other, long may it last. As for falling apart: what’s a little pound or two between friends. You look comfortable, what more do you want. (Having said that, I certainly need to shed a few pounds, my clothes don’t fit!)


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