The past few days, when I wasn’t searching for the yarn I wanted for an Afghan project, I have been watching one of my begonia plants from the corner of my eye.  the indoor begonia (I have two, one in the house and one outside) has begun to produce a bloom.

Perhaps you will recall that I had thought the tubers were dead, but I kept on keeping on with care and such.  My reward is the group of blossoms below (one in the process of opening and two buds to come).  Hopefully the outdoor begonia will also begin to bloom before the summer is over.  Seems I have a better microclimate for begonias inside my house than outside this year. By the way, these are the tuberous begonias I ordered from White Flower Farm in case anyone is interested.  I also grow the wax begonias and Angel Wings in outdoor pots. You can just make out some of the blooms on one of the indoor wax begonias in the background.

I love begonias, they are cheerful little things for discouraged gardeners in July and August. 

Confession: I have an indoor grow light from Gardener’s Supply.

8 thoughts on “Hovering

  1. My recent house guest brought me a lovely begonia. I have kept it outside and it is surviving 100 plus temps amazingly well. They are so pretty.


  2. Lovely flowers! The last time I bought a begonia plant, I placed it on the patio table. Within a week, it was flattened by a rain storm. I intend to keep the next one indoors until the day of my big party, then I’ll put it on the patio table for show and decoration!


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