The latest issue the Wellness Letter from the UC Berkeley School of Public Health (28:10, July 2012) says that although folks ages 40-60 may have sleep problems, once you reach 60 you will begin to have a normal, albeit shorter (require fewer hours of sleep) night.  For David and me this means in bed by 10 and up between 5:30 and 6:00 AM.  I am now past age 70, so I sleep well and dream of canaries, or did last night.

No, sleep is not an issue for me, my frustration has arisen because I cannot find the yarn I want for my new project.  I found a pattern I like, that requires 3 shades of peach in fixed amounts of yarn. Can I find it? no..for some reason, the colors of the rainbow are missing in the yarn world this summer even with all those aniline dyes.  I realize in terms of the world’s problems, this is nothing, nevertheless it frustrates me. 

So, I have spent much of the past few days searching for the correct yarn and my back is killing me from sitting in my ergonomically correct chair and trying to see the computer through outdated computer glasses. 

I have learned there are differences in yarns, and you can’t choose your yarn based on color alone.  Who knew??  I decided to overcome my ignorance and learn more about fiber content, yarn weight, yardage, and other details (15 more at least). 

The yarn company I deal with is International, so I use the metric system to compute my order.  Here I am in my old age finally learning what grams, and things are.  Weight Watchers demands it too, so I bought a scale to weigh my food.  Who knew a handful of pistachios weighed 32 grams, and who cared?? Welcome to the global economy.


I promised David I would fix something for our main meal and it looks like corn flakes are on the menu. He had corn on the cob and real buffalo meat yesterday. He doesn’t cook at all so he doesn’t complain. Besides, he is lying on the chaise on the porch with the dogs not taking a nap.

Sometimes, looking at David laying around with the dogs, I feel as if I am living an episode of HeeHaw. Remember the show always featured folks lying around on a front porch with dogs.  Please tell me someone remembers that old country-western TV show with Buck and the boys and girls.  My parents, who once went on dates at the Grand Ole Opry house in TN loved it, and other TV shows like the Midwestern Hayride with the square dancing, as well as Lawrence Welk, Andy Griffith show and Mayberry RFD.

 I recall they went on a date at the Greensboro Supper Club, after they married and saw Andy Griffith do his spiel on “What it was, was Football” and “The Big Orange.” People tell me many of these shows ended their days in Branson MO.  I have never been there but a couple of my friends and relatives have.

12 thoughts on “Frustrated

  1. I absolutely remember the porch scene on Hee Haw (and just for the girls in their short shorts). That show had some funny bits. And I will admit only to you that I was a closet Lawrence Welk fan.


  2. Oh how I envy you your 7 to 8 hours sleep. I am thrilled when I crank out a solid 6. Think I must be in that “old age” group. Since I am never tired, guess it is all I need.
    Our country is one of the few left still resisting the metric system.


    • Thanks grannymar. I checked out the site. These shops are all in the UK. I am confused with grams. Adding pounds and pence to the mix would probably finish me. I am using the Yarn market here in the states, which is a clearning house for yarn.


      • I added that link for you, not for sales of yarn, but the info in the sidebar on the left on how to work out yardage etc. I often throw a question into a search engine and come up with American sites. I then browse for information and ignore the ‘basket’, at times these searches bring the info I want and a world of ideas for other garments or sometimes tutorials for learning a stitch.


  3. First of all, let me congratulate you on your 8 hours of sleep every night. That is incredible. Despite switching to decaf, I still wake up every 2 hours and sleep a total of 5 hours if I am lucky. Thank goodness I lead an unstressful life and don’t need to be alert 100% of the time.

    Sorry about your yarn troubles. Why don’t you choose other colors? Why does it have to be peach?

    And of the shows you mentioned, the only one I watched was Lawrence Welk. Dad liked it, too.


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