No, we did not lose our electricity again, although some wild storms blew East in the past few days.  The mountains just to our west tend to shelter us from the tornadoes that plague the interior of the US. And we are far enough inland that the hurricanes (now tropical storms) which hit the East Coast most years seldom have any effect on our area weather except to bring rain.  The dearth of hurricanes this year led to a drought in the Tidewater area of Virginia. No it wasn’t the weather that kept me occupied and which is now cooler according to the weather girl, with 96 predicted for a high today.

Yesterday, I took Johnny to the vet to have blood drawn for his Abaxis Pre-Anesthsia Profile, as well as his teeth cleaning physical exam. He was his usual lively self, bouncing all over the waiting room and barking at a well-behaved black Lab and a nervous black cat who sat near by.  Dr. Young didn’t think his teeth were very dirty, but he’s 3 and half years old and I am going to have them cleaned for his health’s sake.

As Johnny snuggled in my arms, and the she rammed a thermometer up his rear, Dr Young said, “He’s so beautiful.”  Johnny gets vitamins, I told her. Every morning before he has his coffee he takes a vitamin tablet.


Feeling crafty, I spent part of each of the past two days searching for yarn for an Afghan I want to make.  Do you know how hard it is to find yarn at this time of the year? Most knitters and crocheters are not thinking about woolen scarves and mittens, the supply of wool from last winter is depleted, and the new batch not arrived.  But crocheting is very important during the warm months when its too hot to garden for more than 20 minutes per day. Mom used to make her Christmas presents over the summer and fall. 

Lately, I have been concerned that I would never fit into the Old Girls Club.  You know the one  you can join if you have a yarn project, drink hot tea from a lovely pot, and keep a cat or two or three.  I am allegic to cats, but I spent a few hours yesterday and today looking at tea pots, tea cozies, yarn and such. I decided to wait until August to buy the tea pot, but found the yarn for the new Afghan. Although I wanted shades of peach, I bought skeins in shades of yellow to match my bed spread. 

I bought new needles because I gave all my crochet gear to my oldest granddaughter who is a fiber artist.  I ordered needles suitable for arthritic hands.  Some of my friends who knit and crochet assure me moving your arthritic fingers is a good thing.


Meanwhile, one of my birds (the canary) died over night.  I expected this as he was an old canary and looked ill yesterday. Unlike parrots, canaries do not have a very long life span. 

I will miss him. He was my last canary.  I raised them years ago when my friend Alice had a bird store.  She paid me $35 per canary for each baby and then sold them like hot cakes.  She told me once that she could always sell canaries. People love them and they don’t live very long.  Lucky stopped singing two winters ago after his mate died. I knew his days were numbered. I wonder if God hears the least Sparrow fall, does he also take the tiny canary to his bosom?        


17 thoughts on “Crafty

  1. Sorry about your canary. Glad Johnny got his teeth cleaned. Hope you don’t forget to get yours cleaned regularly. I don’t know why I wrote that! I’ve caught up on your doin’s this month since I haven’t been around much but see you have been busy.

    You may still be politically undecided but more and more I can envision that replacing the current administration come November would be both a domestic and foreign mistake for which we would rue the day. I think the small business viability concerns are political fear-mongering at its worst, but I’ve been more than disgusted for many recent years and administrations that newer controlling elements of the Republican Party build their primary election vote-getting strategies around distorting and confusing facts with fear and social devisiveness to a degree destructive to our nation.

    My MIL made me a beautiful afgan, many doilies — crocheted a lot as her combined age, and weight had her sitting much of the time. She had arthritis in her fingers which also motivated her to keep crocheting. She taught me to make squares one winter week when she visited, but then I was never able to find more of that particular yarn to make more after she returned home. I don’t recall now how she said to connect the squares but I don’t have many. Somehow I was on to other activities so the squares rest quietly in my linen closet. I suppose if I don’t discard them before I die, my children will find them one day and wonder what those were for, or why I had them.


  2. I know several men who are expert and creative with all branches of needle art. When my mother was teaching a much younger me to knit, one of my brothers watched for a few minutes then took himself off to the kitchen. We thought he was bored and went to play elsewhere, not so, he came back with a long strip of knitting that he had set up and worked using two meat skewers and a ball of string! It was way neater than my efforts! 😦


  3. Had to marvel at Johnny being such a trouper at the temperature taking. When they do that to Mighty, he terrorizes the pets in the waiting room with his screams. He is such a homophobic weenie.
    So sorry about losing your Canary. They are such beautiful little birds.


  4. I have a teapot, and I don’t belong to the Old Girls Club. However, I never could figure out how to knit much of anything. Knitting is a high skill that men are genetically precluded from mastering.


  5. It’s good you have hobbies, Dianne. Never heard that crocheting is good for arthritic hands. I worry about David, who has arthritis, too. Sorry your canary died. It’s always hard to say goodbye to a pet, and death is so final.


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