A cold front, according to our local weather guy, occurs when the temperatures dips into the 80s.  Once again the 90+ degree weather has returned.  Will this summer never end?  Not likely.  We never had winter last year, and that should have been a little clue. 

As part of my literary rotation, I spent this morning reading another chapter in Chris Stringer’s new book, Lone Survivors: How We Came to be the Only Humans on Earth. This morning, he described spelunkers investigating caves in Europe and finding the remains of our Homo Sapiens ancestors.  The  submerged caves were above sea level millenia ago before the Ice Age ended, and melted water flooded land areas along the continental shelves.  That may have been when the Atlantic Ocean broke the limestone barrier at Gibraltar and flooded the inland area that became the Mediterranean.

Ten years ago, I read Noah’s Flood, in which two scientists explored the floor of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean searching for signs of lost civilization.  William Ryan and Walther Pitman describe floods that took place about 25-40 thousand years ago.

Floods, ice ages and even human evolution is “theory.  However, having spent many summer months in Wisconsin visiting kettles and moraines, said to be the result of expanding and retreating ice sheets, I think there is a great deal of evidence the earth has had wild weather in the past. Are we mere mortals in for more?  Does the sun rise in the East?


While David walked the dogs, I braved the heat and watered pots. Most of my potted plants have survived and some even thrived.  I have discovered which plants do well in our erratic temperatures and intermittent rain storms, and which do not.  Mostly, I stick to the what works.  This means I no longer plant anything that dislikes heat, such as peonies. (I have not dug up my existing peonies, though some have died.)

Aunt Bernie, lived in Milwaukee most of her adult life and had peonies in her back yard. She said living in the South I would never be able to grow them, and I wanted to prove her wrong.  For a couple of years, I succeeded, but lately, all but the white  Peonies have been a bust.

This reminds me of a story one of David’s friends told: 

Fired from his railroad job as a switchman thanks to the new automated  systems, he was told, “With the new switchers, you cannot make a mistake and get train A and train B on the same track at the same time.”

(Both trains made daily runs. Train A was carrying fruits and vegetables from California and headed East.  Train B was hauling corn for livestock and headed toward California.) 

Our friend said the new switcher managed to get both trains on the same track at the same time and the result was a tossed salad over the Sierra Nevada. After this, he managed the train schedules. Is this a true story? Did he cause the wreck? Did he  get his job back?  We decided the guy was an alcoholic and the tale was probably tall.

However, when either David or I try to do something we have been told we cannot do, we always say, “You cannot get two trains on the same track at the same time” and laugh. We do it anyway, and  sometimes it works, other times not.  (Below, how a peony shrub should look)



16 thoughts on “Adjustment

  1. Interesting that evolution is really theory, but technically, that’s true. So I guess instead of evolution vs, creationism it’s really theory vs. faith. The problem for me is that evolution still allows room for a divine being while creationism totally excludes science.


  2. I live in a land of pre-chosen flowers and too much lawn with no water. I always gardened, but now days I watch my few suculents shrivel and die while forgetting to water them. I used to be a pretty good person out in the yard too.

    Thanks for all your kind comments lately. I’m looking forward to having tea, coffee, lunch or dinner with you while you are here.


  3. I’m so sorry for the heat you are all suffering through. I can just imagine what the electric bill will be like for my daughter and her family because my son-in-law cannot take any heat. Tiffany tells me everybody’s grass is looking pretty yellow. That peony bush is really awesome!!!


  4. I lost a lot this year also. Next year I will probably put in drought and heat tolerant plants and watch us have a cold wet summer. Sometimes I think Mom Nature has a warped sense of humor. .


  5. My Mom was the Queen of trying to grow what wouldn’t just because she liked it, and wanted to have it. She wanted Crepe Myrtle and grapes in her beach side yard. Never mind that it was too hot, there was also the salt spray to contend with. She moved that myrtle all round the yard and finally it survived in a fashion,scraggly and not many flowers but it was alive. She talked a neighbor into bringing back mulitple cuttings of muscadine grapes from Ala. darn if she didn’t get those to grow too .They also didn’t do well but didn’t die.After that I figured anything was worth a try or two. I never carried it to the extreme my Mom did but maybe I’m not as stubborn as she was. What’s that I hear ?? A chorus of “No way Jose ” from my kids. I once called my granddaughter a brick head when she was about two and half and she replied”My head is not a rectangle .”


    • I have a Crepe Myrtle and it does well, at least the one out front does. The Myrtle planted under the walnut tree is looking a bit scraggly, but that’s not the weather, its the Walnut roots which are poision.
      Your kids and apparently grandkids are all toooo smart.


  6. My flowers have not died, but are struggling. For next year I am in search of plants tolerant to heat and that can successfully survive either drought or too much rain. If they exist…


  7. Compared to the Ice Age, when everything froze and died, we are having mild weather. Lol. As for trying to grow plants that don’t belong in your part of the world, I definitely am one who would not. I have had the darndest time growing hibicus, which is supposedly ideal for our climate. Well, the climate may be ideal for hibiscus, but the bugs love to eat them. Sorry, I have given up. No more hibiscus.


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