The far side

For my Saturday fun, I watched Julia Child and Cook’s Country on PBS yesterday.  I got excited when I saw one of the cooks on CC use a pan just like mine. I recently bought another All Clad frying pan, but perhaps I got the idea from CC. 

They not only show you how to prepare simple recipes, they provide advice on kitchen utensils and off-the shelf items such as dill pickles.

I like the new pan because I can put it in the oven when I make a frittata.  The handle does not get hot, and it won’t burn.  The handle on my Revere ware pan probably wouldn’t burn either, but I’m taking no chances.  My Mom gave me the RW pan and it is over 50 years old. Gosh, have I been cooking that long?

The beautiful thing about cooking is you never learn everything.  Cooking is an art form, and it involves nutrition and chemistry. It also has a history. We  had a professor the history department of our university whose concentration was nutrition, food and food preparation over the centuries.  What fun. 

Food, that’s what life is about isn’t?  Food for the body, food for the soul, food for the mind and not necessarily in that order.


A 56-year old friend in one of my bird groups just finished his MA in counseling and has moved back to Florida to do grief therapy in the Miami area. I don’t know him personally, he is an Internet buddy. But he writes such funny stories about his Redbelly parrots (who rule his household) that I feel as if I know Jeff personally.  Besides, his Redbelly girl is cousin of my Redbelly girl. 

I thought I was a parrot person until I met J.  He has a house on a canal, and he built a large screened area outside for his two RB parrots.  Both parrots fly back and forth from the house to the aviary.  Think of them as indoor-outdoor free-range parrots.  The boy parrot talks up a storm, as boys do.  The girl, like my Dory, says nothing unless she wants me to let her out of her cage. Then Dory says, “Hello Baby” and  “Wanna come out.”  J says when he tries to catch him, Diego laughs, says, “You’re crazy,” and flies away.

I stole the cartoon below from my cousin Susie who will be 72 next week. Susie lived with parrots until she broke up with her boyfriend, and then she got a cat.  The cartoon is dedicated to those who think parrots flying around inside your house is nuts:


8 thoughts on “The far side

  1. Loved the cartoon! Our camping experience with grands and their subsequent visit to our home is over. Everyone has returned home and hubby and I are returning to more sane eating habits, I hope, and perhaps to our not-so-sane Internet habits. Lots of catching up to do. I don’t want to miss any of your explorations of geographical, demographic, political, historical, emotional, culinary and botanical landscapes.


  2. When I lived further south here in Florida there was a flock of Parrots [I counted 25 once] that flew in my neighborhood. They loved a tree that I had ,as trees were scarce on the beach barrier island where my house was. Could they make a racket!! I tryed talking to them ,they would just sit in the tree and turn their heads back and forth . I loved seeing them and worried when ever the weather turned cold. I assumed they were escaped pets that had bred and turned wild.


  3. Every time you cook something pretty or delicious, why not photograph it and post it here? I, for one, love to see pics of food, as you can tell from my blog. And what’s wrong with that?
    J’s parrots sure are funny!


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