The good and the difficult

I weighed in for my Weight Watchers tracking yesterday and I have dropped a total of 15 pounds.  I feel better for having lost this weight, and will continue to work on this diet, which I love.  I can eat anything, I just have to stay within my points.  My reward for losing weight again this week is a decrease in total points per day in my allowance. 

No, really my reward is a diminishing Acid Reflux and Arthritic pain.  Also, losing weight should help stave off Diabetes II which runs in our family.  I still have about 50-60 pounds to go. “Inch by inch its a cinch, yard by yard its hard.” 

I know Aunt Marge is smiling down from heaven with approval.  Year after year, she was always on my case about losing weight.  (Aunt Marge was a retired High School Health and PE teacher.)

What finally turned me around?  I read an article on weight gain that said researchers have discovered that the more you gain, the more you gain.  In other words, you can eat 10 calories too many per day and put on weight.  Gosh, who knew.  

The other thing that turned me around was watching those nurses and attendants lifting David when he was in the hospital with his hip replacement.  It really scared me.  I thought he would never walk again, but he has and he does. 

Next come the bicycles.  Our bikes sit in the lean-to next to the shed.  David says, “You paid over $700+ for your bike,” reminding me a bike is a bad thing to let rust.  When I lose more weight, I will have the courage to ride again. I like bike riding and we have such beautiful trails here in Arlington.

I’ve been frightened of falling and breaking something, but that fear will pass when I think I am light enough for the Emergency crew to carry me.   


We saw Joy at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday.  She was working next to her Farm truck.  They sell all kinds of meat produced with “green” measures.  The animals are free range and content. No antibiotics either.

She knows the names of many of the mother animals.  She told me about a mother bison who lost her calves the first couple of times she bred, but whose twin calves both made it this year.  Joy knows the calves will eventually be turned into steaks, and accepts it.  She says the calf that was bottle fed follows her around like a little dog making calf eyes at her.  Joy’s boss is aware of the affection the calf and Joy have for each other, and he tells her to remember the calf is destined for the butcher in a year or so.  Tough I know, but she wants to be a farmer when she graduates from the School of Agriculture at Tech.


I am an issue-oriented person and one of the things I follow is agricultural issues. Have done since I was a kid, and Dad worked for USDA.  My dad used to rant and rail about Agricultural subsidies, so I became interested in why?  Why did it matter? Why should anyone be paid for fallow land?  Why should big AG corporations receive a subsidy from the Federal Government?  Why? Why? Why? 

Today, I read in the Washington Post that 80% of the Agricultural bill that just passed in the House is for SNAP which is the supplemental nutrition assistance program that replaced the old Food Stamp program during the Clinton years.

The House bill cuts the rate of growth of the SNAP program over the next 10 years. It does other things too, but this post is already too long.


Meanwhile the state governors are meeting here in Virginia at their annual NGA meeting. The governor’s  concerns  always revolve around money and budgets.  Eleven of the governors have balanced budgets.  Others have surpluses.  A few like California face bankruptcy.

The governors have been discussing the Obama care Medicaid Expansion and are concerned that if they buy into the expansion which covers the “near poor” not the poor, the Federal Government will cry “poor mouth” in a few years time, and they will be stuck with an expanded entitlement they cannot afford. 

Facing the effects of the federal budget sequestration at the end of the year (a big worry here in VA), the Commonwealth of Virginia, which boasts many military bases, the Pentagon and the Norfolk Naval Base, will have to proceed carefully with any social program expansion which is likely to affect the state budget in future years..a state budget potentially decimated by cuts in the Federal miltary budget.  No wonder economics is called the dismal subject.



11 thoughts on “The good and the difficult

  1. I find Joy’s choices and activities fascinating. I am wondering if there are similarly motivated young people in my area and how to encourage them. Your posts are so informative.


  2. Congrats big time on your weight loss. So glad you are going to take up bike riding also. Great exercise and easy on the joints. Should help David also. My SIL(my age) rides almost 1000 miles a year on knee replacements. I miss bike riding so much. I wish I had some place besides the Ozarks to ride. Brutal hills.
    I feel for Joy. I tried raising day old calves but boy did I get attached. Those darn eyelashes.


  3. I took a long weekend and missed several of your posts. I’m caught up now. Congrats on the weight loss.

    If Obama gets another 4 years, medicaid will be the least of the states’ worries. They’ll be lucky to have any rights at all.


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