Me and technology

When I make that morning cup of espresso using my new coffee maker, I love technology. Other times, I can feel stupid.  Actually, I am like the White Rabbit in Alice and the Looking Glass.  The harder I go in trying to understand technology, the behinder I get. 

So what brought on this latest bout of feeling ignorant?  I couldn’t get my cell phone to work…again. 

Last week, the Big Storm , disturbed the relay cells that transmit phone service in our area.  David lost his service too, although he uses a different carrier.  Eventually, David’s service returned as did my daughter’s.  Mine did not.   

English: Screenshot of the White Rabbit from t...

English: Screenshot of the White Rabbit from the trailer for the film Alice in Wonderland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, we trekked to the mall yesterday to visit the phone store and I handed the instrument to a nice lad who turned my phone on.  “Brilliant” I told him as his face lit up in response to my joy at hearing the familiar tone of my cell phone. “What was wrong?”  You had turned it off, he said, as he showed me the little button on the phone that turns off the instrument. 

Gosh, I wish I had known about that button. 


No sooner had my cell service been restored than the phone rang.  Gina, my dentist’s receptionist, calling to remind me of tomorrow’s visit for the six-month checkup.  I really hate those checkups because they always find something, but needs must.  Last time the hygienist used a laser light thingy to examine my mouth.  My dermatologist does the same thing.  Both are looking for cancer inside the mouth and throat. 

I am so happy I never smoked nor drank much alcohol, as medical research shows there is a link with cancer…especially for smoking.  My children’s father, has had a very rough time with cancer of the throat. Still he smokes and drinks according to the kids.  


English: insect
English: insect (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I am here this morning, I figure the bug that was traveling around the Internet messing with computers must have missed me. I don’t worry excessively about these events but some of my friends were in a panic last week, and sent links for places I could visit to see if my computer was infected. 

It occurred to me that it could be a ruse, and that there was no worm or whatever, and some scammer was merely collecting email addresses of the credulous.  I mean, how could you possibly know?  Being technologically challenged, I don’t and didn’t.   



9 thoughts on “Me and technology

  1. Funny thing though. I didn’t get that bug either, but I did get something that took over my Hotmail address book. I erased all the addresses so it wouldn’t happen again. It’s so frustrating! I recently discovered that button thing on my iPhone when I thought it was totally dead. There’s so much I don’t know.


  2. RYN: Perhaps because you are doing things now. David would be enough for one person, perhaps, but you also just finished working toward a hard won degree. Perhaps it’s break time. Hugs.


  3. How funny and humbling. I did a similar thing. My cell phone is just for emergencies on the road for I have no service at my home. It had been a while since I had used it, turned it on but nada. Took it to the store and found I was using the wrong button to turn it on. Was glad the store was almost empty at the time.


  4. Yes, I too would be up a technological tree without G. I believe in that bug. At least we didn’t get it here either. Yes, on and off buttons have a certain value. 🙂 So does coffee at this house.


  5. Well, if you own an iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc., then you are more technologically advanced than I am. All I have are a computer, Kindle, and a regular (not smart) cell phone. Lol.


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