Today, I feel trapped.  The weather advisory says our local temperature will hit 105 degrees, a record for today.  And, we should stay inside out of the heat.  Yesterday, Mary, our neighbor who works at the local supermarket, said she thought this was the worst summer ever, and she’s lived here all her life.  Mary is in her 50s. 

One of the problems with getting an accurate long time measure of heat or cold locally, is that the weather station moved from Georgetown to the National Airport in the early part of WWII. Thus, we don’t have a very long record for our local weather site along the Potomac.  (The tarmac temperatures are much warmer than those on the wooded slopes of the Georgetown ridge.) 

We live close to the airport and can hear the engines revving most days, but we have slightly cooler temperatures in our tree-shaded back yard.  Trees make the difference. 

However, trees are a problem if a wind storm hits us and the local power company, Dominion of Virginia, has been cutting tree branches the past few days because some weather people think we might experience a bad storm again.


 I read David the riot act yesterday.  He has been bragging the “heat does not bother me” and I proved to him he has been acting irrationally and it is either senescence or the heat.  He chose the heat.  Whew! That took some persuading. 

I hope it worked.  He could be playing possum, but at the moment he is sitting in his easy chair watching the tennis match.  Either that or the weather channel.  He keeps hoping if he looks at the weather news long enough the forecast will change.  We call this the triumph of hope over experience.


I think Gigi might be right.  I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and the skin on my neck looks like its sagging.  Of course my observation could be the result of the power of suggestion….darn Gigi. 

My dieting has been going well.  For one thing all the food in the freezer spoiled, so the toffee bars died.  I didn’t like them anyway, but they can tempt me when there is not much else to eat in the house. 

Not many foods tempt me, the upside of the heat is appetite loss.  Besides which, I am not now, and have never been a big eater. Sweets and dairy are my downfall.  I dislike most vegetables, and eat little meat.  What I do most days is drink about 6 cups of milk. I love milk and cheese. 

English: Melba toast topped with goat cheese a...

Melba toast topped with goat cheese and tomato jam  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lately I have cut my cheese consumption.  I took a class with a nutritionist at our local hospital and she handed out a schemata showing the caloric levels of cheeses.  No more brie on toasted slices of brioche for me, these days its slices of Laughing Cow gouda or goat cheese on Melba toast. And, she said do not melt the cheese.  Heating cheese creates the dreaded trans fats. At least I think that’s what she said. Ditto butter and margarine. The harder the margarine, the worse the trans fats. Or something like that. So, if I make Aunt Marge’s Sugar cookies, I use canola oil. 

Don’t listen to anything I say.  I know nothing.  And like Nora Ephron, I Remember Nothing.  I hope I am never a witness to anything important. Trapped in my house, I am unlikely to see anything, anyway. 

(Below – Happier times. The Great Snow Storm of 2010)





14 thoughts on “Trapped

  1. Here’s wishing you gallons of ice tea and a working ac system.
    I hate our cool and damp weather but I really wouldn’t want to swap with you. I’d be unable to survive at all, my circulation doesn’t cope with heat.

    Cheese? Leave it out altogether, it’s bad cholesterol. Dairy is bad for you. I can say this, gleefully and happily and with lots of Schadenfreude – sorry Dianne, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here – because I am dairy intolerant and, although I’d love a nice slice of runny brie, it would make me ill.

    You can watch Tatort? I love it. The new series is good. I can get German TV via satellite. This co-production thing is because each episode takes place in a different city, many of them in Germany as well as one in Vienna and one in Switzerland. I saw Schenk and Ballauf in Cologne only last night. In German, of course.


  2. Think smoothies. Either veggie, fruit or both. They fit this nasty heat perfectly by being refreshing as well as healthy. I always find it hard to believe they are good for me as the taste so great. My fav is a carrot, banana, pineapple and yogurt combination. They are almost mistake proof. I use frozen fruit. Easy to make and they are also filling when eaten slowly. One is a meal for me.
    Stay cool.


  3. Never thought a picture of fallen snow could look so refreshing! Thanks. We did the 105 degree thing day before yesterday. It was no fun.


  4. I breathe in the chill of your snowy day and say thanks.

    Yes, and if they moved the weather station, the stats will have one glaring error. At the coast here, we are delightfully cool. When you are here, we will take you for a picnic by the bay and you can savor the cool breezes. Hope that thought helps.


  5. My fav diet??? The seafood diet eat everything I see.. I found that the old “everything in moderation” works best because the min. I ‘m not supposed to eat something that is the very thing I want! So getting off my duff and not going crazy on foods I really like is the ticket. I’ve decided that I’d rataher have alittle of something really good than alot of something ho-hum.Hang in there you’ll find what works for you.


  6. I think we maintain our weight through eating more veggies and exercise. I’m still trying to lose a few pounds I gained when our daughter and family came after I lost 4 during our trip to Japan in April. Exercise is key and something I have a hard time doing. Our food is usually a little fish, meat or chicken mixed in with veggies. For snacks we keep nuts around which I sweeten with some dried fruits.


  7. I am fond of sugar. Jelly Bellies, cakes, cookies, donuts, ice cream, chocolates, etc.: those are my downfall. Like you, I wasn’t always overweight. Blame my obesity on medication, lack of exercise, and too much sugar. I hear a high protein diet will help people maintain their weight loss, more so than a low fat diet. Did you see that report in the newspaper recently? As we all know, it’s more difficult to keep the pounds off than to lose weight and the report stated that a high protein diet is key. Too bad about the weather over there. I have never experienced such high heat. Weather here is low 70s to mid 80s with some humidity.


    • The weather in Hononolulu was nice where we lived (Radford Terrace on Pearl Harbor naval base), but I know it could be much hotter in downtown Honolulu near the Kamahameha Center. Plus, the vermin that never die, including termites every spring got to me. I hate termites.

      Re high protein diet. Recent medical research has suggested a downside to this diet. Veggies are the key. Eat more veggies they say. I am trying, but the heat is so bad today we won’t make it to the Farmer’s Market. Maybe tomorrow.


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