The first thing I want to say is that I was 42 when the photo in yesterday’s post appeared in The Nation’s Business and had 3 children in college. I also had two divorces to alcoholics under my belt. I should have looked really “beat up” by then, but I earned enough money to buy makeup and get my hair done.  I had no idea folks would think I was in my 20s when I posted the photo.  This demonstrates my point a few days ago about never looking your age.

Age caught up with me after I hit 50. Some visually impaired people still tell me I don’t look my age…especially when they know David is almost 83. Perhaps they calculate I am close to his age, and I do look good for someone in their 80s.


After I lose more weight, I will ask David to take a photo of the new svelte me, but mind you this will take years.  I did not put the weight on overnight, and it is not coming off overnight. Losing weight is a slow tedious process.

In the meantime, the photo above is me at age 26 on the island of Oahu, where we lived at the time.  The little boy is my youngest son John who was about 5.  He is now 47.

Below, a photo in Rye England, I was 50 and it was my birthday.

Notice my wedding ring still fit.

 I aged like crazy after I became a government worker and had a heart attack and a stroke.  Below, a photo of David with Clare, and me with Johnny my little dog (and my son Richard and his boys).  Notice that I placed myself behind my grandsons, who partially hide all the fat.

Okay, that’s enough of the vanity stuff. 


We  are facing several more days of the 100+ degree heat here in the Washington area, and some poor people are still without electricity.  Electricity or the lack thereof is a salient topic on the East Coast.  The warm air masses making their way from the hot interior are wearying and worrisome as we have thunder storms night after night.  

Generally, July and August are the worst months for weather.  About his time of the year, I decide perhaps I should give up gardening and move into a condo.  Winters are mild here, and something blooms all winter, so I rejuvenate around September 30.  Where once we had cold winters and warm summers, we now have hot summers and mild winters.                               


Yesterday, I was in a funk so I went online to Amazon to look at books.  This generally raises my spirits, but did not help yesterday.  I told David, you know I feel sad when I can’t find a book to buy.

I finally found one book in Kindle version, I Remember Nothing, by Nora Epstein. No that’s not right.  Norma Ephron. Good God, now I can’t remember her name.  But the book is funny.  Funny like the British comedy the Public Television stations play on four channels around here. And you can read-watch it, and then do it again. never mind all the actors and authors are dead.  I even laugh again.  Most of the time these days, David or I will say “I’ve never seen this episode before,” but we can’t remember if we have or have not.  Losing your memory is not all bad. 

Nora says she came to Washington to spend the day protesting something or other during the 60s, but she can’t remember what because she spent the day having sex somewhere.  Now if I had not been so burdened with Catholic guilt, I probably could have had much more fun.  The Ex certainly was having fun or one kind or another.  Come to think of it maybe he was with Nora.    

Below, somewhere on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, where I lived long ago.  My son John in the water with his friend, and I think that’s the Pali in the distance.



14 thoughts on “Correction

  1. Everyone has talked about age and weight and looks so I’ll talk instead about how I was confused about the bit about the Kindle and Nora Ephron and British comedy: were you reading and watching at the same time? What were you watching? What is the book about?


  2. You were beautiful then, and you are beautiful now. I wish I had your 26 year old figure. I didn’t have that when I was 26. I always had a little pot which has grown. My wrists are skinny though. Dieting should always be done slowly and carefully. It’s a life style change.


  3. Yup, you looked in your twenties. Yes, both you and I gained weight and look older. All my years baking hangovers out in the sun have caught up with sober me. I now have leather for skin.


  4. Yes I did go out and ride bikes around the block with a cute kid. we were keeping a bike for an Airman that was on leave and was afraid it would be stolen on base.The kid spotted me as I was taking the bike for a spin and I guess he saw where I lived.


  5. Enjoyed your trip down memory lane. I’ve crossed the Mason-Dixon line many times … but have trouble thinking of Maryland as the “South.” Isn’t there a statue in Alexandria, Va., that faces south (or something like that) and supposedly marks the beginning of the South? Sound familiar?


    • Alexandria is just one Southern town with a Confederate soldier standing in the center. All these statues face South (to show they loved the South). Yes, Maryland is a southern state. Don’t forget, John Wilkes Booth was a Marylander as were his accomplices. Federal troops occupied much of Maryland to keep the Capitol safe but many Marylanders went South to fight for the Confederacy. However major battles were fought in Maryland too. The Mason-Dixon line is the dividing line.


  6. Gigi has a point. I feel better when I lose weight but my skin has lost its ability to recover. I end up looking like an old fisherman. Guess at my age, feeling good trumps.
    40 was good wasn’t it?


    • My health will improve if I lose weight. I have osteoarthritis and my back is in bad shape. This is a health issue. Also, I won’t mind looking thin. As my friend says, you can always have plastic surgery if it bothers you too much.


  7. Hey, be careful what you wish for!!! Losing a lot of weight could lead to wrinkles and sagging cheeks (the ones on your face). Look around you. Don’t most obese women have smooth skin, and the skinny ones have wrinkles? I wrote a post about “stringy necks,” a week or two ago. Lol. But, I know what you mean. I hide my potbelly by standing behind people when photos are taken. But, you know what, who cares?


  8. The age thng is very funny sometimes, when I was 12 I looked 18 which caused lots of problems but then when I was 18 and married I looked 12 and neighborhood children asked my husband if i could come out and play. That was good for years of laughs. Now days I find I don’t much care how old anyone thinks I am I worry more about being seen I find that past a certain age women become invisible so I ‘ve developed a louder mouth.


    • If I said I didn’t care, would you believe me? Of course I care, I would not mind being 40 again if I knew then what I know now. It just doesn’t do any good. I remember when the neighborhood kids asked if you could come out and play. What I never found out was if you did go out and play with them. Knowing you, I think you did.


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