Update Day 4


Icebox & Eames_0072

Old ice box (Photo credit: Omar Omar)

Although my cell is dead, my daughter finally reached me on the landline yesterday. The boys were concerned and can’t get through, she said.  She cannot tell me she is concerned, but I know she is. The electricity resumed yesterday, but blinked off again last night causing all the clocks to go haywire..again.  The only clock that keeps time is the wind up wall clock.

We are without AC for the fourth day, but mercifully, the temps have dropped into the mid-nineties. We could not reach the AC shop by phone, so David drove over to the office that handles our heating/cooling system. Dorita, the lady at the desk assured him someone would be out today. David reminded her we had a service contract and they inspected the AC in May. The proprietor just called and told me he was stopping by to check out the system himself as he had no technical people available this morning, and we were a ‘medical’ case. People are so kind. Also, we have dealt with the same company for donkey’s years.

David purchased a bag of ice from the 7-11 which was still dark, but some guy was handing out ice in front of the store. I put part of the ice in the refrigerator to keep the milk and other stuff cool until the electricity came on, and we put the rest in a styrofoam box.  Just like the “ice box” I had at UNC, says David who lived in student quarters in the 1950s.  I remember granddad’s ice box too. Big blocks of ice packed in straw and delivered from a horse-drawn wagon. 

Today the ice has melted a bit and David has been dipping a towel in the ice water and laying it over Peaches (our 17-year old dog) who has been panting and having much difficulty with the  heat. She apparently likes it as she fell asleep under the cold wet towel.  That’s what the hospital did when I had a temperature of 105, he says.

I threw out much of the food in the freezer as it had thawed and frozen again, and I would rather err on the side of caution than not. The food in the refrigerator is okay, including the salmon, which I intend to poach in the toaster oven for our noon meal. I felt guilty sending David to the store, except that he has air conditioning in the car and  air conditioning in the store too.  I need white cooking wine for the poached salmon.  We also have a bag of green beans I intend to cook as a side dish.  

Life continues in our little community as folks around us dig out and remove the spent trees and other debris.  Our only damage is part of our porch roof blown away.  David says he’s going to fix it, but I think not.  I am going to ask my daughter if her husband can come over and replace the missing piece of roof.  We have an extra panel lying next to the house which serves as a wild rabbit run at present, but could become a roof replacement.   


17 thoughts on “Update Day 4

  1. This is off the topic — but are you reading about the Pomeranian, the divorce and disputed blog “Sammy In The City” ? Cute dog. Thought you might be interested — almost as cute as my Wee Sandy was.


  2. Glad you finally are getting your A/C going again. Wonderful you at least had some electricity after a while, too.

    Really appreciate Sherry and your sharing of salmon recipes — especially for the microwave as I like preparing many food items in my microwave.


  3. Here I am, late, to tell you that I’ve been worried about you. Can you sleep out doors? No sleeping porch? I remember the pre-air south well. Uncomfortably well. Thank you for taking the time to post this and keep us up to date.


  4. So glad you have A/C again. We don’t really appreciate climate control till it is gone. I am surprised your area didn’t have ration stations set up by the Army. We always did in Florida. You would just drive up, they would put water, MREs and ice in your car. What a blessing they were. Finding the stations was the problem. Word of mouth usually worked.
    Those MREs aren’t half bad.


    • No one around here really understood this Derecho was a land-based hurricane. Very little water involved mostly wind from hot air. Usually these storms occur out West. Thus no Army stations. Folks who are still w/o electricity really suffering.


  5. another way to fix salmon quickly is lay a fillet skin side down on parchment paper put fresh dill,lemon pepper whatever you like on top ,fold paper over like you were wrapping a sandwich, microwave about ten min. for each inch of thickness,time varies according to microwave ovens. when it is opaque and flakey it is done. The skin will stick to the paper and you will have ready to eat salmon.


  6. I am so sorry for all you’re going through. I’ve read a lot of cautions that if your freezer food thaws, you should toss it to be safe so you’ve done the right thing.


  7. Thanks Linda. Richard the fellow who fixed our system tells us it will take a day or two to cool the house down as everything, including the walls and floors are overheated. But, we have the cool again. Dianne


  8. Almost a pioneer woman, coping with the heat. Hope your power comes on again soon and and stays on so that all your family members, human, furred and feathered, have their needs met and stay healthy.


  9. I have never poached salmon in white wine before and will try it tonight. Might even sprinkle chopped green onions top. Thanks for the idea. I hope things improve for you soon!


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