Bits and Bobs Sunday

The problem with the new health care law, from the perspective of some, is the individual mandate.  An article in the New Yorker (“Unpopular Mandate: Why do Politicians Reverse their Positions?” June 25) says the health insurance mandate was a conservative idea put forth as an alternative to a national health service run by the government. The Republicans abandoned it when they convinced themselves it was unconstitutional.  Constitutional Scholar and presidential candidate Barack Obama opposed to the mandate and said so in debates with Hillary. Now he supports it.  We will find out this week what the Supreme Court thinks.  

The New Yorker article discusses the psychology of cognitive dissonance or how we block information from our thought processes if it doesn’t support our pre-existing notions.  Food for thought and important reading.


Eating all these vegetables and fruits plus breakfast is paying off. Two more pounds off this week. I am 5% of the way toward my weight loss goal.  I expect I will be quite wrinkled once this fat goes away, but I like the idea of wearing my old clothes…at least those I have not given away.    Oh well, an excuse to buy new clothes!!  But I spent all my money on pots and pans and fruits and vegetables as part of this diet.


All my life, people have told me I don’t look my age.  When I was 12 and went ‘Trick or Treating,’ at Halloween,  a nasty man challenged me. “You are already too big,” he said.  Bitterly disappointed, I never went again, although I loved the annual ritual of candy collecting. 

Back in the 1980s, I was a member of Zonta International, a professional women’s group dedicated to feminist issues with members all over the world. Everyone in the group I joined in Alexandria Virginia was in their 70s.  I was 40, and felt so old.  They laughed at me and said “You are just a baby.”  These days, people tell me I don’t look 70. That’s me, too old or too young. When do we reach the perfect age??


Married to someone for a long time, you indulge each other in  repetitions, usually.  Most mornings, as I am fixing coffee, David tells me the story of his father and coffee and dying. Today when he told the story, I finally snapped.  You have lived with me longer than your dad, I said. After I am dead are you going to tell stories about me and coffee?? 

I don’t know why it annoyed me, because I know I repeat myself.  Most people do as they age.  We listen to the same story and laugh at the same jokes because we care about the person repeating him or herself.  But sometimes we snap. 





11 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs Sunday

  1. I always find it interesting to ask people what the age they tell me I don’t look like, looks like. They can’t because we all age and look differently at any age. I think we each have our own misperceptions of what a given age looks like and often no two agree.


  2. Your Halloween story reminds me of my daughter and her friend going trick or treating when they were in Middle school. Someone told them, “Aren’t you too old to be going trick or treating?” They had so much fun dressing up and going out, but that neighbor absolutely killed it for them and they never went out again. Why can’t people just let others enjoy themselves.


  3. I have a nephew who has been unemployed for several years. Good thing he is healthy, because he does not have health insurance. One of my blog friends does not have insurance, either. She told me she is still paying for her surgery, performed 2-3 years ago. She supports herself as a ceramicist and potter. Her husband is unemployed. To say life is stressful for them would be an understatement.

    My husband tends to be repetitious, also. That’s what happens when you run out of new things to talk about. Lol. Ah well, he is a keeper!


    • I don’t know the full story on the people you mention, but I have sympathy for those doing low-paying jobs who cannot afford health insurance, less so for those who will not do blue or pink collar work. There are jobs to be had by the willing.

      All my granddaughters are doing work that many of their fellow Americans look down on from laboring on farms to working in restaurants to animal husbandry/vet tech work which involves cleaning cages among other tasks. They all pay taxes and I think they should not have to support those who think themselves “too good” to do the S-work but expect others to support them.

      I always found life less stressful if you worked even if the job was menial.


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