What’s Cooking?

The raspberries are gone, I dropped the blueberries all over the floor, and David lost the corn, but we managed a pretty good haul from the Farmer’s Market today.  I went by Joy’s truck, and she wasn’t there but I spoke to a girl who looks a lot like Joy who looked surprised and happy to see me.  I don’t remember her name, but she has visited my home with Joy.  I suppose I am a bad grandmother as I don’t remember the names of my grandchildren’s friends, except for Jess, Hannah’s friend, and I remember her name because she reminds me of a movie star. And I have a parrot named Jess.

So, I saw Joy’s friend and that was pretty neat, but Joy was working at the farm today, and I didn’t see her.  She is to come see me on Monday and collect her birthday money. 

At the Farmer’s market I visited the mushroom lady from whom I bought the Baby Bella mushrooms last week, and told her I made a lovely mushroom soup, and did she have any recommendations about which mushrooms were best for soup.  “All of them,” she says with her Italian accent.  So I bought a box of mixed mushrooms from her little granddaughter.  The Italian grandmother then described how to make a good soup and pointed to the stand across the midway from her stand where I later discovered the fellow from whom I purchased something or other last week.  He has the best assortment of herbs and other good vegetables.  “Garlic scapes” grandmother had told me.  I had just purchased garlic heads up the way, and asked if I could still include some of the cloves in the soup if I used the scapes.  “Sure” she says, “put every thing in the pot: celery, bok choi, anything,  just be sure to sauté the vegetables before you add the broth.” The herb man continued with a list of things to make with garlic scapes, fritatas, stir fry, anything.  

So, not only am I discovering all kinds of new recipes via this Weight Watchers diet, but finding new ingredients as well, and all sorts of tips about adding vegetables and herbs to this and that.  

I was going to have an all vegetable meal tonight, but someone lost the corn, so we won’t have that.  “You can pick some up tomorrow when you buy deodorant at the drug store,” I tell David (another Farmer’s market takes place in the grassy area next to the parking lot of the drug store).

“You are a control freak,” he says and then asks me how to do something.  It’s not easy for two old people who are losing their corn to live together.         

9 thoughts on “What’s Cooking?

  1. Congrats on the 11 pounds. That’s real progress. Your post reminded me of one of the little things we miss a lot from our years living in Utah. A stretch of state highway north of us was lined with stands selling fruit from nearby orchards. The area was known as “fruit alley.” We favored one stand whose owner in season presented every visitor with a fully ripened peach. Those were the sweetest, most wonderful, peaches I’ve ever tasted. He plucked them off trees directly behind his stand.


  2. There are good days when I never pass gas. Wonder why. I am not into soups, but will devour a fritatta. Yum! And I also like meat — red, poultry, fish — so therefore not a vegan.


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