Birthday month

Yesterday, my oldest son Richard turned 49. Today my youngest granddaughter Joy turns 18. Tomorrow, John Eric my youngest son turns 47.  Time marches on.

Richard was born at Quantico Virginia at the Navy hospital on the Marine Base.  J0hn was born at MacDill AFB in Tampa Florida.  Joy, my daughter’s fourth girl, was born here in Arlington. 

I remember the pregnancies with my boys because they were over by early summer, whereas I carried my daughter through the hot months of summer…and it gets hot here in Virginia.  Connie my oldest child was born at Quantico in September.


I’m thinking about heat not because I dread the pains of hell, but because I am so grateful for air conditioning.  Heat absolutely wipes me out, or as David’s Aunt Mildred (Dutch the bookie’s wife) used to say, “the heat leaves me piffilated. Dutch and Aunt Mildred lived in East Tennessee where you would think it might be a bit cooler in the summer months owing to the mountains, but it wasn’t.  The South is hotter than hell in summer.


The electricity which supplies our cool air comes from plants in SW Virginia which burn coal, or from the nuclear power plant south of us which sits on a geological fault line.  Virginia produces more than enough electricity for its own population, and ships a great deal of it into the Northeastern grid, i.e., New York City.  Folks in some parts of the Eastern seaboard who chortled over the earthquake which stuck here a few months ago, might have failed to realize that although the epicenter was in Representative Eric Cantor’s district, the epicenter was also very near a major source of electricity.


Governor Manchin and several other members of the Democrat party from West Virginia have announced they will not be attending the Democrat Convention this year.  They are distancing themselves from the current administration because they are seeking re-election and moves against coal by the Secretary of Energy in the current administration, have upset the folks in Appalachia who depend on coal mining for a livelihood. 

Green energy is all well and good, but will not keep the electricity going on the Eastern seaboard for a very long while, if ever.   I for one was very happy to hear Japan is reactivating its nuclear energy plants. According to the Washington Post, Mr Obama now considers nuclear energy “green.”  

The moral of this tale is that everything is interconnected and that like the proverbial rubber band wrapped around a thousand nails, if you pull one nail, the whole thing shifts. Sooner or later, members of Congress catch on and move more cautiously before they dismantle or destroy something (Yucca Mountain??).  

So, ignore all the hot air about “going to do this” and “going to do that” because once your representative arrives in Washington, and realizes how complicated things really are, they will end up moving very slowly if they have good sense.  If a thing is worth doing, its worth doing right, but some things are better left undone. It takes a while to figure out which is which.  


7 thoughts on “Birthday month

  1. I just hope Japan and the US will be even more careful about safeguards when using nuclear energy. We’ve got a lot of plants that are pretty risky. Your granddaughter is a areal beauty, Dianne.


  2. Happy birthdays all around! Lovely Granddaughter’s little look at the camera was one of those mildly exasperated “You just had to take my picture but I know you love me and think I’m beautiful” looks.

    I don’t think the Psalmist ever mentioned AC in his many verses of praise and thanksgiving for blessings, But AC is a blessing that we are thankful for in our sometimes year-round heat and humidity. I appreciated your connecting birthdays, memories of heat and pregnancies with your observations on political maneuvers.


  3. Your granddaughter has such pretty blue eyes! What a lovely girl. My grandkids are just 4 and 2 years old, so I hope I am still alive when they finish high school.

    I hear ya about a/c. We run ours quite a bit. Fortunately, there are no nuclear plants here in Hawaii, but there are nuclear submarines at Pearl Harbor, which is just a mile or so from where I life. Heaven help us if one of those subs explodes or leaks.


    • Thanks Gigi. In addition to her winning personality, her eyes have always been her best feature. Also, she just dropped 20 pounds out of her hips, so she will probably not like my posting this photo. Dianne


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