Reasons to feel good on a wet Monday

1. The whole weekend was sunny and we visited the farmer’s market again; Been cooking up a storm and making smoothies like crazy and dropped another pound.

 2. I feel better physically and mentally, must be the antioxidants in those fruit and vegetables I have been eating; We have been walking the dogs every day and waving to neighbors.

3. My old cooking skills are returning, and we have eaten NO fast food in several weeks. Spent all the money I saved on kitchen stuff. Thanks to Mage for the corn recipe (June 6). It worked like a charm. Check out her site for a video of how to cook ears of corn in a microwave.

4. Connie and two of the girls are coming to visit next week. She sent me 7 text messages including a photo of her new dog, on Saturday to firm things up.

5. Stiff joints and migraine headaches have gone away, for a while, hopefully forever.


Yes, I am feeling pretty cheerful. I didn’t even flinch when David shouted “Vote for Mitch” to the confirmed socialist up the block as he drove past us with a car full of Democrats. They had all been out canvassing for Mr. Obama.

The police left a sticker on David’s little red FIAT. The note said he had to move it or they would tow it away as abandoned.  He hasn’t been able to drive it since he had his knee surgery last summer (he can’t bend his knee well enough to work the clutch and the torn rotator cuff in his shoulder makes shifting the gears impossible).  It is an antique and I told him to sell it for parts. I think his days of driving a little red sports car are over, he does not. No, I don’t think the neighbor called the police on the car, they have a joking relationship…I think.


Fiat 500 (2007)

I like this new Fiat 500 (2007) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






9 thoughts on “Reasons to feel good on a wet Monday

  1. Eating like the queen of a tropical paradise, losing weight, feeling great and buying new kitchen appliances. . .sounds like a wonderful summer. Now I am off to see that corn-nuking recipe.


  2. Love your fruits and veggies which is what I’ve been eating, too. FWIW I’ve cooked sweet corn in the microwave a couple of ways:

    One — I completely shuck it, apply butter to the kernels, wrap the corn in wax paper or plastic wrap, then cook one ear on high for 3 mins.

    The way I’m using now is similar to what is recommended for grilling, only I remove most, but not all of the green leaves, then cook the one ear the same as the other method — on high for 3 mins. Then, I shuck it after it’s cooked and apply my butter equiv. afterward.

    My microwave directions actually say: 1 ear 2-3 mins.; 2 ears 4-5 mins.; 3 ears 5-6 mins.; 4 ears 7-8 mins.;
    6 ears 9-10 mins.

    Didn’t read the method you mentioned so maybe it’s similar to these I’ve mentioned.


      • That’s what I do — pop the whole ear in the oven. The ear’s kinda hot to remove the shucks but they do come off easily.


      • I watched the video and that’s pretty slick. I like to leave the end of the cob on as a knob to hold on to rather than using a corn holder, plus hate to cut off all those prime good kernals. The few shucks, silk I leave on the ear before cooking twist off in one full sweep as I grasp the ear in my other hand with one paper towel folded into about 3 or 4 thicknesses.


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