Getting my just desserts

How did I reach age 70 before I discovered we get “just deserves.” All these years I heard “just desserts.” 

Although I married a Marine, for many years, I said Marine “Corpse” for “Core.” 

I was in my twenties before I knew that nightmares were not “marenights.”  Years later in an art history class I discovered Fuseli’s ‘Night Mare’ and felt vindicated.

Later in a literature class I discovered Mrs Malaprop and learned about malapropisms. 

My mother tried to correct my speech, and often failed. Now I have a daughter who is a linguist and informs me of idiosyncracies.  She is not so likely to say I “got something wrong,” as to let me know how a characteristic identifies something about my speech history.  What fun.  I grew up all over the South with Yankee parents so my speech patterns are uncommon.

My second husband who had German-speaking parents, was from New Jersey via Maryland and a great one for correcting my speech.  Later, I asked my sister the English teacher if such and such was really incorrect.  Her answer was that my speech patterns were okay.  That’s pretty much what my daughter says too. These days there is no such thing as “perfect” English, at least here in the States. I think some of the English in England still believe in split infinitives, however.


Getting my just deserves, I dragged myself to the Mall and bought a new pair of glasses yesterday.  I also asked the person who  served me to adjust my old glasses.  So I am seeing a bit better today, although my new glasses will not arrive for two weeks.  I almost feel guilty for buying new glasses.  I will use the old ones as a back up pair.  I had no idea they were so old until the fellow at the store looked up my record.  We found the same brand of frame and I am having all the same attributes added, progressive lens, the lens with a sunscreen that grow dark outside, etc.  He and the ophthalmologist both told me the corrections to my vision were minimal.  Nevertheless, if you wear progressive lenses, it is important to have them situated on your face in a way you can see through them. 



Ninja Food Processor

Ninja Food Processor (Photo credit: katykash)

If I had known I would be buying new glasses this month, I might have postponed some of my kitchen purchases.  Yesterday, my new Ninja food processor arrived.  I love it of course, and won’t send it back.  I now have a French toaster oven, a German Espresso Coffee maker and a Japanese food processing system.  No one can say I am not doing my bit to stimulate the world economy.  My philosophy, which I learned long ago, is from the multiplier effect: “Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied.” 

Meanwhile, our ancient blender which is at least 50 years old and runs well enough, is on its way to Goodwill for recycling. David wants to keep his old coffee maker.  We can use it if we have more than two coffee drinkers in our house at a time.  My espresso maker makes one cup at a time, and a good cup it is too.  

All this clever equipment reminds me of how easy manufacturers are making my life.  The new food processor makes smoothies and bread dough.  I think I will get a new pizza pan for my toaster oven and begin making my own pizzas again. Weight Watchers has plenty of recipes. 

To Patti and others who suggested smoothies and salsa. I can now make them both and have a new way to get my veggies inside me.  Dessert too, should the occasion arise.   




11 thoughts on “Getting my just desserts

  1. Oh my goodness! No kidding? I’ve always said, “just desserts” too even though it doesn’t make sense. I always thought it was Marine Corps. I’ll try to remember. I’m sure I’ve mangled the English language more times than anybody could count.


  2. I assume your new food processor will handle “just desserts” as well as regular desserts. I did not realize about just desserts until this post. Thanks to you I learned that lesson before age 70, but not by much. My language goofs, often quite embarrassing, were most often the difference between a large reading vocabulary and a considerably smaller universe of words I heard spoken.
    Enjoy your new tasty toys!


  3. I think the hearing things the wrong way is genetic not regional, my family is a prime example.. when the Song “Jumbala “came out in the fifties my Dad was sure they were saying Jungle Lion. Youngest daughter called doberman pinchers doughnut pinchers. The song “Disco Inferno” has a line “burn the Mother down” three of the four of us thought it was saying” Mother cow,” which made no sense in the context of the song but we were sure that’s what we heard. My brother upon seeing a statue of a sphinx in D.C. yelled hey! look at the big stink!!! As for your appliances all I can say is JEALOUS…


    • We are jealous of people, evious of things. I don’t know which in this case. Remember I have NEVER had a blender before. David brought his old blender to the marriage. His ex-wife did not want it and he used it to mix drinks when he was an active alcoholic. It has a history.


      • OK now I’m confused, I guess I’m jealous of the appliances you have not that I begrudge you having them not at all. I know you are not to supposed to covet anything that is thy neighbor’s but a Ninja !!! Is a test of faith. All kidding aside you deserve any good thing that comes your way. Love you


  4. Sounds like you’ve been busy, so I guess your migraine is gone. Good for you! BTW, do you have a yankee accent or a southern one? You certainly have an unusual background.


    • I did not realize I had an accent until I was in my 50s. Living with David who has a decided North Carolina accent with a Russian twinge has affected my speech somewhat. My daughter says we have Washington DC accents which means a blend of everything North, South East and West. As I have lived here most of my adult life, this makes sense.


  5. You are so very good. Bravo. My blender is older than I am, my toaster and mixer are 1938 vintage, and I couldn’t afford progressive lenses as my lenses and frames cost so much. Oy! I saw a complete cuisinart at the store yesterday and may remember to get it. LOL

    And look, I have to sign in to your blog all over again.


    • Our blender belonged to David’s first wife (wedding gift?). As he has been married to me for 30 years and was married to her for 22 you can do the math. I had the Cuisinart food process or and gave it to my SIL. Took up too much counter space and was too big for our needs. Bummer about having to sign in again. I don’t know what’s going on. Will check it out today.


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