Glasses and classes

English: Clear and Distorted Vision areas of P...
Clear and Distorted Vision areas of Progressive Glasses. The gray areas are the astigmatic regions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“What did you do to your glasses sit on them?” the ophthalmologist asks me. 

David sat on them, but he didn’t mean to.  

I wave my hands around when I talk, and more than once my finger has caught my glasses, pulled them off my face, and flung them across the room.  One time this happened and they landed on a chair, just before David sat down. 

Maybe I sat on them too, I forgot.  The aide showed me how my glasses stand at a 45 degree angle from my face and I am looking through the bottom of progressive lenses to see in the distance.  No wonder you can’t see. I think it is time to buy a new pair. 

Do bent glasses cause migraines?  Anyway, my eyes are healthy.  No macular degeneration or other signs of aging, only slight cataracts and bent frames.


I received a note from my youngest granddaughter Joy thanking me for my graduation gift.  She is very excited about and looking forward to her entry into VA Tech this fall where as she plans to earn a degree in Agricultural Sciences, and a minor in environmental crop and soil sciences and agribusiness. 

Joy is gainfully employed this summer on the farm where she has worked during the past year.  I have looked for her at the Farmer’s Market, but not located her. The truck with products from her farm is always there and the boys tell me she is “back at the farm, working today.” Eventually, her turn will come to deliver the goods to us city mice and I will see her again. 


Joy is the baby in her family of four girls and I think her Mom will be happy when the last child has finally graduated from college. Its been a long hard slog. 

Venice - A Top Glass Abstract!

Venice – A Top Glass Abstract! (Photo credit: antonychammond)

 Joy’s older sister Amelia,  graduated from UVA with a major in environmental science this May and is checking out climate science programs in the graduate school at VA Tech.  Joy thinks they might share a house together after her Freshman year. I tell them their Mom and Uncle Richard did that too.





7 thoughts on “Glasses and classes

  1. I thought the progressive glasses sounded like a good idea when my husband tried them, but he didn’t adapt and switched back to his bifocals those years ago.

    Interesting to hear about your UVA students and majors as have granddtr considering VA schools in another year.


  2. So far I have been very gentle with my glasses. I have 4 different strengths at various locations for different uses. Sometimes I get the wrong one for the wrong job.
    How neat that your grands have chosen such non-traditional fields. There are so many choices for kids today.


  3. Oh, forgot to say thanks for grandgirls update. Joy’s choice of studies especially fascinates me. I always enjoy the chronicles of the paths the next generations are following and their challenges and accomplihments along their way.


  4. My sympathies, but I have to say it is comforting to hear of your eyeglasses mishaps. I have to take my glasses off to read and often lay them beside me in a precarious location. I have also laid them on the side of the tub and stepped on them when I propped my foot up in the toweling off process. So bent frames and scratched lenses are a fact of life for me, too. The difference is I have only myself to blame. Bravo on good report. Happy shopping for new specs!


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