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For a long time after I had a stroke, and after the doctors had placed me on several new medications for high blood pressure I did not suffer with migraine headaches. Lately, they have plagued me daily.  If only I knew what caused them, I would stop them.  Although there is much speculation about migraines, no one knows exactly why some people have them. All one can do if afflicted is bear with it until the vision clears, and take a couple of Tylenol for the resulting pain.  Although I seldom drink, I think a hangover (which I have never had) must feel a bit like a migraine. One of these days, I will have to ask someone who has had both.

Meanwhile, I am experiencing the latest headache and not writing or visiting today. Meanwhile, here’s a Maxine that pretty much reflects my state of mind (most of them do).


9 thoughts on “Headache

  1. Know that all migraines aren’t what I’ve had, but I’ve often wondered how many are. I was treated for years for migraines with increasingly expensive medication that never helped. We moved from the humid Midwest to then dry Az (except for a few months) and eventually I had the worst bout ever — when I could navigate I lurched about like a drunk. My children’s doctor quickly diagnosed I was experiencing problems with eustachian tube dysfunction — which was treated with what I called “five and dime” medication and certain simple practices I follow to this day — just have had difficulty educating my most recent physician to helping me nip occasional problems in the bud before it gets out of hand. Orig. diagnosing doctor learned all this when in the Air Force treating airman assigned to constant radar monitoring duty during Cuban Missile Crisis.


  2. Migraines are horrible. I suffered with them from the time I was 20 until a few years ago. I still have them, but I don’t suffer as I have this great med I take–Imitrex. Works wonders. However, my neurologist says that she thinks the demise of my migraines has come about because of the huge amounts of vitamin B I started taking in 2005, after a terrible bout with ulcers. I was told I needed less stress (not easy for an inner city high school teacher who believes in perfection) so I found these stress vitamins. Turns out they are super high in vitamin B. Also turns out research is showing that high doses of vitamin B help in managing migraines. Who woulda guessed it. As for the stress part, well, I retired two years ago from that extremely stressful job and my life has been much better.


  3. Can’t imagine daily. I had them for years once a month. They usually included a day of pain followed by throwing up then two more days of being so weak and shaky that I was useless. So sorry you are facing those debilitating headaches.


  4. Sorry about the migraine. I get them from time to time and there’s not much you can do except take to your bed in a dark room.

    I’m coming late to this post so I hope you’re over it now.


  5. You have my complete sympathies and I hope by now it is just a bad memory. I have had both and they are similar though in my case the migraine lasted much longer and responded to nothing for four days. I had mine for 10 years and they went away with the onset of menopause. Unfortunately there is still not too much known about them though there are new treatments and I’d have a doc take a look. Be well.


  6. Just back from our move and catching up with all your posts. As a fellow sufferer I empathize with you. There are no rooms dark enough or quiet enough when the headache rages. I will give you some advice that has worked miracles for me. As soon as you feel it coming on, get in a shower and let the water hit you in the face as hot as you can stand it, for as long as you can stand it. You will feel the pain “drain” slowly away. It gives me great relief and gives the medicine time to do it’s thing.


    • Sounds much like my migraines which are related to my sinuses. When barometric pressure changes, my sinuses cannot handle it and the pain begins, sometimes ending in a migraine. The hot shower on the face really helps.


  7. Oh, I feel for you. There is little worse than a full fledged migraine attack. Having suffered hangovers too I can say that they run neck and neck ! Hope you can get a handle on this soon.


  8. I used to have tension headaches, which attacked the base of my skull and resulted in a stiff neck. They miraculously disappeared after I quit my job, which had required sitting in front of the computer all day long. I hope you feel better soon, Dianne!!! Take care!


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