About this time in my dieting, I feel like throwing in the towel.  After all the work I have done to prepare nutritious meals, my reward is to become stuck on a weight plateau as WW calls it.  About now I bring up the old sayings, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going, etc.” But I am not tough says the whiney little voice in my head.

My problem is that I hate exercise.  Oh yes, I have a gym membership but never use it.  I have a gym  contract for six more months, and then I will let it expire.  I went to the gym regularly a minimum of three days a week for the first two years I had this contract, which was a 3-year renewal, but stopped attending the gym sometime last fall when I had skin issues and needed to put all my time into school work.  School is no longer an excuse.  

I could go back to the gym, my friend BJ has called asking where I am.  I just hate the thought of getting back in a chlorinated pool.  Be honest, I hate the thought of moving.  All sorts of thoughts go through my head, such as, “Maybe I will have a heart attack if I get in the water and exert myself too much.” “Maybe I will develop a deadly skin disease, contracted from the kids who swim in that pool.” Did I say I hate exercise?  We have a tread mill and an Airedyne bike.  I could use either of those.  And the county has a gym up the street for the public (kids).

Every time I ride my exercise bike, I think of Dr Rosenberg.  After he had a heart attack, the doctors told him to ride his Airedyne bike.  He hated to exercise.  It’s so boring he said. Dr. Rosenberg is dead.

The temps are rising outside, and I hate warm weather, anything above 85 degrees. How could I even imagine moving to Florida again? I get out early in the morning to water my plants and putt around, but even then the day has usually grown warmer than I like.  My dog Johnny doesn’t like it either and he lays in the shade and pants.

Farmers Market

Farmers Market (Photo credit: tommy.chang)

I walked around the Farmer’s Market yesterday, barely.  I know the location of the stalls and buzz like a bee from one to another and load up my bags.  I came home and ordered a cart from Amazon to make my life easier.

How to you feel about assembling another “easy to assemble household item? I asked David.

This is a joke between us, because nothing I order is ever easy to assemble.

What is it?

A shopping cart.

You mean I have to drag that thing around the grocery store when I shop?  I hate those small carts. (David does most of the grocery shopping.)

No, this one is for me to pull at the Farmer’s Market.

OK, if you pull it, he says accusingly.

Goodness, do you think I can lose weight without exerting myself? 

Vegetables in a grocery store, Paris, France.

Vegetables in a grocery store, Paris, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hate to move when the weather is hot, but it wasn’t always like this.  When I was younger I ran  in the heat climbing trees, playing baseball with the boys, or whatever (I hated touch football).  You got use to playing outside if you grew up in the South without air conditioning. 

I wish I could drop weight like David.  Life isn’t fair.  See you later, I am off to get moving.

9 thoughts on “Plateau

  1. You sound fed up. Too much weight, too hot, unwilling to move – where have I heard all that before? Go sit in the shade, have a cup of iced tea and read an interesting book; not a school book, just something that tickles your fancy. never mind about weight, do something about it when it’s easier to move.


  2. I threw in the towel and gained it all back plus some extra. I truly should be hanging my head. Still gyming even if I don’t want to. The leg isn’t healing, so I’m still out of the pool. Double darn.


  3. You need an exercise buddy that will keep you motivated. When I have someone counting on me, I exercise even when I’d rather not just so to not let them down. Works both ways. .


  4. Don’t you have to climb stairs at home? That is strenuous exercise! I bet you didn’t even consider that. I live in a one story house, so get no exercise unless I force myself to walk up the block. You and I are kindred spirits, as we both prefer to be sedentary.


    • Yes, I have stairs and force myself up and down them a couple of times per day. I don’t I prefer less action, I have spinal stenosis and scoliosis and my back is killing me most days. The Arthritis people tell me to keep on moving. All that pain makes me prefer sitting but even sitting hurts after a bit.


  5. I have never been a fan of exercise just for the sake of exercise,it seemed a waste of time. Now gardening,a bike ride for fun in fact anything that is fun to you,do you like to dance? Put on the music and boogie no one to see you except the animals no offense David.Shopping, don’t have to buy window shopping is great. Even house work has a result for your efforts, a clean house.Then I do have a certain amount of “forced” exercise a very long flight of stairs up to the dome I live in. If I ever want to leave and likewise return home those stairs have to be climbed.
    I remember when my only sewing machine was a treadle my legs were in great shape !Hang in there Dianne, you are not a alone a writer friend of mine who is younger than both of us is fighting the same battle.


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