Joy of Cooking

English: a Plate full of Strawberries.

English: a Plate full of Strawberries. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today the good news keeps coming, and before you ask, I am only drinking latte.  For one thing my sister Michelle got her doctor’s report and for a second year she is cancer free. She had been losing weight and scaring everyone half to death. This is very good news. Baby sister Shelly is 68, so we have more concern than we once did, although we know young people can get sick too. 

She reports she is on her way to a wedding in Texas with her son, from her home in Baton Rouge. Cousin Wayne is an usher.  She should have fun all around as youngsters always make us feel a bit lighter. 

Flag of Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Flag of Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been feeling pretty good today, even with the 90 degree heat. We left for the Farmer’s Market early, after Ines had cleaned the house, so it was not too hot. An outing in such a festive occasion always makes me feel good, even if it is held in the parking lot of my old work place. Heck, I could look up and see the sixth floor corner office I held when the building was new.  Many other younger folks in the Verizon Headquarters today.

Amelia came to see me yesterday and redo my kitchen cupboard shelves with fresh lining paper.  I hadn’t changed it in 25 years, so it needed a redo.  She is so neat and tidy, she got everything back in its place so I can find it again. She is looking for a summer job, something light before she goes to graduate school.  She’s checking out various environmental programs in Virginia and Maryland. She says she is not very concerned about Climate Change.  She figures the change has already started and we can do very little anyway. She does think cleaning up the atmosphere is important for many health reasons, also to slow the acidification of the seas.  She’s such a bright girl and fun to talk with.  Seems like only yesterday she was learning how to pronounce the Latin names of flowers in my garden.  

The Farmer’s Market held many wonderful fruits and vegetables this week. Strawberries for my smoothies, lots of onion, squash, tomatoes, and best of all the early English peas.  I bought two packages of peas from two different vendors.  We will have one tonight with the Halibut David bought at the Super Giant Grocery Store yesterday. David popped out to the local Whole Foods to pick up some phyllo so I can make the WW version of Baklava, a luscious dessert.

One vendor had peaches in liquor in a jar.  I asked her if it would make a good pie, and she said yes enthusiastically.  However, I stuck to my plans and stocked up on veggies and fruits for my larder, and did no impulse shopping.  Peach pie is not on the menu this week, broccoli and fish are with Baklava for dessert.

Years ago, I bought a recipe book at the local Greek Orthodox Church, and made much Greek food, but I stopped making it when I sunk into a funk after my bad “boyfriend ” (age 47) deserted me. I’d like to say I left him, but I really wasn’t that healthy in those days.  You have to understand one thing about me.  I LOVE alcoholics.  They are so much fun until you get hurt badly.  Thirty years of tough love in Al-Anon have made me tougher, and healthier. In David I found a sober guy.

Back then, I stopped cooking, stopped sewing, and stopped doing many other domestic things I loved to do.  I didn’t feel very domestic. David had a hard time after he met me because I had become 100% office worker and never cooked.  We ate out all the time. Too much. Today, I have rediscovered the Joy of Cooking, and I’d buy a “new” version of this cookbook (mine is ratty) if I knew which one had the “points” system.  Got to ask Mage.

2 thoughts on “Joy of Cooking

  1. You are far better than I am when it comes to cooking healthy. Keep it up! I like the idea of buying fresh fruits and vegetables at the Farmers Market. We’ve got one a couple of blocks from where I live, so I really should check it out one of these Mondays. Just too lazy to shop. Hubby does all the shopping, armed with my lists. It’s a fair trade: he shops; I cook.


    • Taking care of a two-year old disqualifies you for the lazy category. David shops for most food items. I like to go to the farmer’s market from May to December and buy my produce. I do all the cooking at my house also.


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