My Doc told me I needed to switch to canary seed to lose weight.  My order from Amazon yesterday:


Nash, the hair designer who “does” my hair is away at a family wedding in Lebanon, so Vivianna from Argentina cut my hair yesterday.  I asked David if he like the cut. 

“It’s high on top,” he said.  “What do you mean,” I asked and the conversation went down hill from there.  Nash straightens my hair giving it a smooth look, V did not, she left the curls on top.  Now, I consider myself fortunate to have a few curls, given my never very thick hair is still relatively intact. David likes me to never change anything, including my hair.  I tell him he is “too conservative.”

It took me years to get over my hatred of my curly hair.  I always wanted straight hair like my sister’s and have paid hair care people a lot of money to make it smooth and straight. Of course she laid out much $$ to get her hair curled.

I wore my hair in a smooth page-boy for a number of years.  Remember page boys? Below is a photo of me with my page-boy hairdo.  This one from the day I wed David. My two handsome sons are helping me walk up the aisle without tripping.

Now days, I love what is left of my curly hair, and want it to look natural.  It only took 70 years to get here, and there isn’t much curl left.


For those who asked how could we be for Hillary and then switch to John McCain, the answer is this. Look at their voting records. Although the extreme right characterizes John as a leftist owing to his support of comprehensive Immigration reform, environmental legislation, and other measures, the extreme left preferred Mr. O to Hillary. Payback is hell, however, and Bill is one big payback.

I liked Bill when he was governor of Arkansas, and even met him once when I spoke to the National Governor’s Association on Demographic issues back in the 1980s.  He was a very bright and amiable fellow.  I liked his politics, which have not changed.  When it comes to the economy he is usually correct, and both he and Larry Summers suggested yesterday that extending the Bush tax cuts (why are they still called that?) would be necessary to keep the economy from going into a tail spin. 

Now don’t get me wrong because I don’t care about the BTC one way or another. I didn’t like it when they were passed right after 9-11 although getting rid of the marriage penalty item was very important to me. Why should David and I pay more taxes because we are married, I ask?

But I also know the economy was having some difficulty when Clinton left office (we were going into a recession) and 9-11 made it worse. Despite the rhetoric to the contrary, Bush did not “inherit” a good economic situation from Clinton. Yes, there had been budget surpluses for a number of years, but at what price? This is a long economic discussion and too much for this blog, so I am not going there.  

I had voted for Al Gore, and was heartsick when he lost (he had been my Dad’s Senator for a number of years and I read his book Earth in the Balance when it came out).  However, I think Mr Bush was treated disgracefully by the media afer the Florida decision, as was Hillary and later Sarah Palin. I had to watch Fox to find balanced coverage of the 2008 election.  As Ed Rendell said to a Fox reporter one evening, “You don’t like any of our candidates, but you treat them the same.”

I don’t agree with either the extreme left or extreme right, and although I had never voted for a Republican for president, I stopped voting for Democrats, when the novice from Illinois was nominated by the backroom boys.  Who will I vote for this fall?  Don’t know, may not vote at all in the Presidential election.

With Scott Walker’s win yesterday, David called the Romney camp and told them yes, he would work for them.  David  worked in both Hillary’s and McCain’s campaigns in 2008).  David was so bummed out about the last election (2008), he had been hanging back, but now he is energized again.  And, for the record, David is a fiscal conservative and was an undergraduate economics major, so he does understand the Republican POV.  He is also a social liberal who supports gay rights, so this was not an easy decision.  


6 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. And I have spent a lifetimes fortune making my hair curl. I need a perm today so my hair looks much like yours. Wish mine would learn to curl with age as yours has learned to relax. Sigh. .


  2. My daughter has extremely curly and unruly hair. I have no idea how that happened and she fights it all the time too.
    (I’ll stay away from making any political statements !)


  3. Yes, I just had mine cut off after years of long heavy tail. Much to my surprise, it was curly. I really paid for curly for way to many years. 🙂 Like that short cut over the no smile face there.


  4. Is that you? Not bad for 70. I like your haircut, which sort of resembles mine, and I am thinking of getting glasses like yours (transitions?). As for politics, people get all worked up for nothing. What will be will be — for at least 4 years and then we vote again.


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