Technology of yesteryear..View Master

Español: View Master Disk London

View-Master with Reel
View-Master with Reel (Photo credit: Museum of Hartlepool)

In 1952 when I was 10 years old, I attended the coronation of Queen Elizabeth via View Master. Do you recall the View Master reels of yesterday?  I loved them.  I had dozens of them, but don’t remember exactly how many.  As I lived in the rural South, View Master was my key to the world until television was invented and featured You Are There for arm-chair travelers.  My generation has come a long way.

I was reminded of these View Master reels by the Tilly the Laughing Housewife in Manchester England, who has been celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee all weekend.

Tilly says the British love pomp and circumstance. Well so do many Americans.  Who do you think drove up those high TV ratings for Kate and William’s wedding?  Why none other than all those ex-pats and former colonials living all over the world, that’s who.

Oh sure, we drove the Red Coats out of the colonies, but many of us love Elizabeth, and not just because she keeps Corgis, although that helps a lot. We love Elizabeth, because we figure she could do at least as well at governing as her ancestor the first Elizabeth, and a better job than some of the men who run the world today.  I mean, come on, men have had their chance, give the women a turn. For goodness sake, every time a woman has been on the throne in England good things have happened. Sure, I know a few bad things too, but remember women were off the throne when we had those two world wars in the Twentieth Century.  The simple truth is that male world leaders have too much testosterone, and testosterone gets people into trouble.  Not for nothing did I study British history.  

Rumor has it that Hillary may try again in 2016.  She says no, but Bill says otherwise.  He loves a spirited campaign.  David worked in Hillary’s campaign and then when she lost her bid, he worked in John McCain’s campaign.  We are very shallow I suppose, we vote for people we like.  Obviously we did not like the guy who won. However I must say this, I really like his wife.  

Oh that’s my spiel for today.  Have scallops and mushrooms marinating for lunch.  Sill on my diet and holding my own.  Meanwhile, God Save the Queen. 


12 thoughts on “Technology of yesteryear..View Master

  1. I remember those View Masters. Lucky you to have one. I did get to see them on occasion at a friend’s home.
    I could never understand how anyone could switch from H.C. to J.McC. but have a friend here orig. from Mass. and strong Kennedy clan supporter who made the same switch. She could never very logically explain her rationale for doing so. To each his own!. I was also surprised the number of men I would never have imagined doing so supporting S.P. I figured it was because her behavior most closely resembled how they viewed women which allowed the guys to feel intellectually superior to her. Maybe not — just a theory.


  2. I do remember those View Masters. One took me on my first tour of the Grand Canyon.
    I think one reason we love the royals is that we don’t have to pay for them.


  3. I’m looking forward to helping elect President Hillary Clinton in 2016. She is doing a great job as Secretary of State, which should come as no surprise.


  4. Yes, we actually have one. The pictures are still great. 🙂

    I don’t mind Obama and love his wife and kids. Did you know there was a book out on Mrs. Obama’s style. I should have bought it for two bucks. 🙂


    • I didn’t like her until when asked, she refused to make disparaging comments about Sarah Palin. I thought to myself “how classy.” Now I really really like her for her winning personality and style. As for her husband, he’s charming but incompetent from where I sit.


  5. I remember those! But they were red plastic by the time I got one.

    I think it’s a good idea to vote for someone you like, if you trust them; but it can be dangerous in these days of media image, because we don’t always see the real person.

    Still, we have to choose leaders somehow. Given the quality these days, I wonder if I shouldn’t choose my MPs like I choose my horses – stick a pin in the name. Better still, stick a pin in a politician – the one who screams loudest is a real princess.


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