Sunday afternoon entertainment

 As the sun was out today, the storm clouds passed away and the temperatures back to normal for June, we worked in our yard and garden.  Now, David is taking his afternoon nap, and I am looking for entertainment before I begin afternoon meal preparation.

I am at the end of a huge project, my history MA, and looking for something else to challenge me.  I thought about reading, but I am having difficulty engaging with books, and only partially reading the newspapers and magazines to which I subscribe.  

I read the Washington Post and the New York Times most days, and The Economist, National Review, Smithsonian, Audubon and several medical magazines bi-weekly or monthly. Sometimes I disagree with a writer and complain via a letter.  Mostly, I disagree and let it pass. I am turning into my mother who used to write to our local newspaper editor until he finally offered her a job, which my Dad would not let her take. This as much as anything turned me into a feminist.

Very seldom do I write to my political representatives.  When I was gainfully employed, I answered letters from constituents, so I know a staffer is answering any letter I might write (and using “canned” pre approved language to do so).  “Staying on message,” is important in government circles. That’s why Bill Clinton  and Joe Biden are so much fun.  They actually think because they have been around the block a few times they can say something and not be chastised.   

David reads the Post and the Washington Times.  Nothing much in any of our newspapers except those days when they include the science and health news.  Got to read books to get into something. 


Out of the blue, I received a message from a young woman who wants me to review her book.  Now I gave up reviewing books for Amazon a few years ago, and in recent years have ignored these requests, but she had a book blurb that intrigued me. 

I told her I was 70 years old and not into horror, which one of her other reviewers suggested described her book. But I am trying to understand the youth of today who are interesting. (I discovered this at the university.)  So, I decided look her book over.

I told myself, if it was really horrible, I would take it off my Kindle and not write a review.   So, she sent me the book via an email attachment (the Kindle version which I couldn’t download owing to a glitch in my computer software which I have been too busy to fix ??).  I visited the Amazon store and found the book and bought it for $2.99. So far, so good.  I will tell you more about the book in the future, but first I must read it which involves finding a link on the Internet.  Then write a short review for Goodreads.

Post-It Note Art Collage (PINAP)

Post-It Note Art Collage (PINAP) (Photo credit: Adrian Wallett)

I also began reading Deborah Crombie and Jacqueline Winspeare mysteries again.  I had stopped reading mysteries when I was reading history and working on research papers.  During those six years of reading over 260 histories and many more essays,  I squeezed in the odd book on political economy, but only because it dovetailed with something I was trying to understand from class like the Hayek-Keynes dispute (Nicholas Wapshot).  For those who don’t know, Hayek (beloved of the right) and Keynes (the left), were colleagues who argued with each other a lot. Shades of politics to come.   

5 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon entertainment

  1. You really have a lovely yard. Great job.
    Don’t think I could review on command. I would be tempted to be biased. I’m sure you would have no problem with that. Good luck.


    • I excercise choice. I write reviews about books, etc. when I think are worth while. I receive about one solicitation a day asking me to review a book. I don’t review all of them. I use a triage system. Any bias is me thinking something is “great” while others might not be so enthralled. I rely on others to write reviews that reveal enough to add to the evidence and help me make choices about the things I buy. Also, consider the source.


  2. I used to enjoy writing book reviews for school and sometimes for my blog, but those days are gone now. I just can’t wrap my mind around it to do it. No patience, I guess. I also used to contribute to the local newspapers and earned $900 total for my efforts. Those were the days.


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