An Old Lady?

My friend Debi sent me a link this morning that calculates how long a person will live.  Now, I’ve taken these tests before. Social Security site has one I think. So does my insurance company. Perhaps you have taken the test yourself. If not, I will add it at the end of this post. 

Fruits and vegetables from a farmers market. c...

Fruits and vegetables from a farmers market. circa 2007, USA, California, Long Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even at my current weight, the gizmo predicts I will live to age 93 based on habits such as buckling my seatbelt, not smoking and drinking little.  I was amazed to see that adding 5 fruits and vegetables to my daily intake makes such a difference in life expectancy.  I don’t know what difference weight loss could make. I’ll test that later.

I want to lose weight so that if and when I am hospitalized the medical staff can help me. I watched the nurses lift and roll David when he had his hip replaced, and I thought, goodness, they would have a hard time with me should I ever undergo that surgery. 

When I had a stroke, it took 4 stong guys to carry me down the stairs from my office to the waiting ambulance.  My boss was one of them and he complained the whole way….”it’s heavy” “it’s heavy.”  I didn’t like being the “it” he referred to.  Maybe he thought I was unconscious.  Maybe he was unconscious.


Fruits and vegetables are the difficult part of diet for me.  I dislike many vegetables and like few fruits.  I believe I have tried almost every fruit and vegetable on the planet at one time or another. The vegetable soup I made last week was an attempt to prepare veggies I could eat. My Doc asked me if I put tomatoes in my vegetable soup, I told him no.  I don’t like tomatoes in any form but right off the vine or in Tex-mex chili. The only time I can find ripe tomatoes is in summer.  Those midwinter offerings at the grocery store are awful.  Years ago, I grew my own tomatoes, canned them and used what I canned all winter.   

Presently, I am working on developing a taste for green peppers which now come in shades of yellow and red.  I think my antipathy is owing to my mom preparing so many dishes using green peppers.  We tried them in shiskabob last week and they were pretty good..half crunchy, half-cooked.   

That reminds me, I need to make a trip to the farmer’s market today.  See you later.  Here’s the link:

Update from the farmer’s market:



16 thoughts on “An Old Lady?

  1. Those are some good looking veggies you got at the Farmer’s Market. It is so important to eat a plant based diet for good health. I only want to live a long life if it is a healthy life. I had a very good friend who lived on fast food and processed foods. Her last 11 years were spent in much pain and suffering due to that bad diet. She died at 68. I’m fussing at another friend right now who was just diagnosed with a low grade of lupus. She too does not eat well. I tell her she has nothing to lose by trying a plant based diet.


  2. Despite my shortcomings I’m gonna make it to 98 the test said — but I’m shooting for 130, if I keep my mind and decent health. I love fresh fruits and veggies. My main thing is I need to exercise more and drop some pounds. I rarely eat red meats — just gradually gave them up years ago, and can really tell the difference in how I feel if I eat them now.

    All you bloggers get yourselves in shape, and I’ll do the same, so we can keep blogging with one another from whatever place where we spend our last years. So many of my friends, younger and older, have already departed this earth. I’m hoping to be here at home, but who knows.


  3. Fruits are great in smoothies as Patti said. We’re lucky in that we do get a lot of great fruit in Hawaii. They’re not cheap though. Instead of green pepper, you might try red pepper. It’s sweeter. I also like to grill my veggies with olive oil and Italian herbs.


  4. Have you tried smoothies? I have a banana, pineapple, yogurt smoothie every night for supper. I sometimes change the second fruit to blueberries, mangos,plums or strawberries. All I have is the smoothie and it totally satisfies my hunger, plus I get my daily fruit. It is quick and tastes absolutely wonderful. Now I have to work on creating a veggie smoothie that tastes good. I have lost 12 pounds this month doing this.


    • Thanks for the reminder. I have a recipe that uses cottage cheese so you get protein. I like yogurt, especially the Greek yogurt, and bought some fresh strawberries yesterday so guess what I am having for lunch or dinner today?


  5. They say 95 for me, but I lied a bit on the veggies. Even being morbidly obese, they say 95. There’s an error there somewhere but it was encouraging.


  6. I’m also pretty bad about fruits and vegetables. Not that I don’t like them, in fact. I like most of them. I’m just to lazy about eating them. My wife makes sure I get a fair sampling of them……she’s the healthiest eater in the world.


  7. If you don’t like veggies the trick is to hide them in something else like adding califlower to mashed potatoes, grated zuzzchini to anything even hamburgers,cake, cookies, yellow squash with alittle egg and cheese makes a great dish. Fresh spinach in place of lettuce .. I like every kind of veggie and fruit . Right now mangos are a good price love them alone or in a chutney. Well now I’ve made myself hungry. I’ll e-mail you some recipies


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