Pastry Cutter

Pastry Cutter (Photo credit: Veganbaking.net)

Lately, I have been on a pot-buying spree.  By pots, I mean cookware for my kitchen. I have rediscovered the joy of cooking.  Mastering (is there some gender neutral verb?) my new toaster oven, which is really a robot, has also kept me challenged. (There is no split infinitive in English.)

I increased my technological challenges by adding the Goodreads widget to my blog. Goodreads encourages me to write reviews for the books I have read.  So far my reviews consist of “Positive” “Uplifting” “Encouraging.”  I figure the world is so troubled, we don’t need to encourage people who write material of a negative nature. 

Years ago, I was a top reviewer for Amazon, reaching position 11 before I decided to quit.  I was spending far too much time “working” for Amazon.  If only I had bought stock simultaneously.

Before I stopped reviewing books, I only wrote reviews of things I found useful or good. Negative reviews probably help, but I couldn’t write them. Part of the reason I stopped writing reviews was because every other author wanted to send me a free copy of their book.  I tried to review these books for a while, which was probably a mistake. Later on, I sent an email saying “I no longer review books” to each would-be author.  The solicitation of my services for reviewing books continues until the present, but I don’t respond to the overtures from authors or their agents. 

In the interim, Amazon let my reviewer status fall to about 50-something before making me a “Classic” reviewer. If you look for me on the reviewer list, I am under my “married” name which I use for undercover operations.  

Tom Sightings says he doesn’t care for Goodreads, and I don’t know how the Goodreads thing will work out for me, but I guarantee you I won’t be writing many if any book reviews. These days, I am too busy with pots and pans and by that I mean gardening and cooking. (One of my pot gardens to the left..yes I like pink.)

<—click to enlarge

You see, even though I had a fancy career as a statistician-demographer before I retired, I am really domestic at heart.  Well sort of…David does the dishes and helps me with heavy stuff in the garden.  He just left to drive to the hardware store and buy more pea gravel for the lower walkway.    

13 thoughts on “Potted

  1. Wow! I am really impressed! About being a top reviewer that is. I rely on those reviews when I’m choosing a book on Amazon. I’ve always been impressed with the talented (and time consuming) work that reviewers do. I’d love to know what pots and pans you recommend.


  2. Im not really interested much in Amazon book reviews. I read the review part of my weekly paper. I probably buy more books because I like the writer and have read him before than on the suggestion of a reviewer.

    I have a whole range of pots, what is going to happen to them when I can’t lift them ?

    Hey, I’ve just had to fill in my details for the first time since I first followed your blog. You have rearranged things for sure.


    • I “fixed” the blog, which for some reason was blocking a couple of people. Hopefully, you won’t have to fill out any more forms on my behalf.
      The problem with these silly blogs is that they have a mind of their own, or at least it seems that way. When I say fixed, I mean I tried to reverse whatever the blog had done of it own accord.
      When I can’t lift pots….I planted things in the big port that should survive over winter. Anything that dies, will be replaced. I recent years, I have purchased a couple of large clay pots, and will have to replant some of them. Hopefully they are frost proof.

      Amazon reviewers… you would be surprised how well some of those reviewers do their job. I too use sources such as newspapers and magazines for reviews.


  3. Now how are you going to take up cooking again with all those birds near the kitchen. Feathers in the soup, dander in the casserole. LOL Just teasing. You are doing so good. I have gotten so wide. I’m an embarrassment to myself these days. Bravo to you and your new, revitalized kitchen.


  4. The thing I love about blogging is learning about people from all over the world. And what I love even more is that, just when I think I have a good idea of what those people are like, they throw in the most unexpected information.

    Pots and pans – who’d have thunk it?



  5. Those are lovely potted flowers. I sometimes buy a color bowl from Home Depot and place it on my patio table. I usually do this before hosting a dinner party. But I hate it when the rain breaks the branches and smashes the flowers. That’s when I have to throw the plant out. What a waste of money.


    • We don’ get lots of rain in summer months. I water these plants most days. They are in a sheltered area near the back of the house. Hate what the rain does to my peonies and some roses in spring.


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