This morning, I have been sprucing up my blog page.  Goodness knows what I have done. I have not fixed the Facebook button, although it works.  Nothing much on the FB page because I seldom visit it.  I just wanted to see if I could create a link.  Ditto the ‘Goodreads’ widget.  As part of a test to discover what would pop up on the WordPress Blog page, I listed many children’s books I have read on the Goodreads book site. Some are books I read when I was younger, others books I read to my kids. Don’t be confused, I am reading some adult material which will pop up eventually (I hope).

I have decided based on the best seller lists in the Washington Post and New York Times, that I have almost nothing in common with the general public book wise.  The exception may be healthful cook books. Everyone seems to be on the health and nutrition bandwagon these days. 

Speaking of which Michelle Obama has a new book entitled,  American Grown, about her White House garden.  It looks like a potentially lovely garden book, but Amazon had not set up the “look inside this book” feature as of today, so I can’t say more.  Hopefully they will do this soon.  At $15.00 for the Kindle edition, it is kinda pricey. However, I am not buying any more garden books for Kindle…unless they are garden essays which I find charming.  The regular garden books with lots of photos are my favorite shtick, so if I get this book, I will buy the hardcover. Now you know one of my secrets, I am a sucker for pretty colors.  This goes ditto for cook books.  

So, don’t be deceived by the new image on the lower right hand side of my blog which says ‘Goodreads.’ Hopefully, I have not locked anyone out of my blog in the process of setting up this widget. 

A couple of people have reported having problems leaving a comments.  I apologize if you are one of them.  Somehow these readers found my email address, and let me know they cannot leave a message.  I have fiddled with the settings this morning. I pray I did not ruin anything.  

Now, I am off to look at cookbooks and figure out what’s for dinner.  Eggs Florentine anyone?   

The weird cat who doesn’t like books

12 thoughts on “Redecoration

  1. My turn to see if your note function works. I even have a cursor….which I didn’t before. We have lift off. Don’t buy the new Salsa’s of the World cookbook. I thought that the salsas would be a good addition to WW menues, but not. Too complicated for me.

    Now I will go try your book thingy. 🙂


  2. I share your opinion of the bestseller lists, except for the mysteries. I do like my mysteries — Child, Connelly, Fairstein, Grafton, Kerr, Lehane, Sandford. (Not a big Baldacci fan, tho’, or Patterson.) I did Goodreads for a little while, but never really warmed up to it. Would love to hear about your experience, though, b/c maybe I missed something.


    • I have such ecletic reading habits, I probably won’t like Goodreads in the long run. I do feel somewhat good about mastering the software however. Mysteries? I once loved them bur now most seem so trite. Also, too gory for me these days, which is probably why I like Jacqueline Winspeare best.


  3. I pay little attention to the best seller book lists, but then I’ve never been into the top pop music songs or performers, either, even as a teenager. Doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy some of any of the so-called “bests,.” but it just means they sold the most — not necessarily a criteria to determine it’s the best product in anything.

    Since I feed only myself, primarily, I don’t cook that much — eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, chicken and fish. My fresh food market bar-b-ques short ribs outdoors on some holiday weekends, so am enjoying them. I could get carried away with cooking looking at all the colorful pictures in the cookbooks you describe. I often enjoy listening Melinda Lee radio cooking show — she has website listed by her name. Finally stopped my Sunset Mag. subscription though I appreciate all the food and gardening ideas — just am not up to implementing the garden ones. Just for fun last week I started rooting an avocado seed in my kitchen window. Mrs. Obama’s cookbook sounds interesting, but I would want to see some inside pages.

    Well, Schmidley, we’ll see if this comment publishes.


  4. I just don’t understand why some people have so much trouble with WordPress, as I have never had any problem with it at all. Of course, I have not fiddled with it or changed my blog format, so perhaps that might explain my good luck. Yes, my blog is still the same as it always has been.

    I have 1-1/2 shelves full of cookbooks, but I rarely use them now. These days, I get my recipes off the internet, print them, and store them in a 3-ring binder.


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