Rolling Thunder

Once every year, we have great difficulty driving out of out neighborhood.  We live off Route 27 near the Pentagon.  The main arteries that surround our neighborhood are filled with motorcycle riders today.  Over 1 million motorcycles have been making their way into town this morning.  Several streets have been blocked to provide space for bike parking. 

The aim of the bike ride is raise awareness about POWs or prisoners of war and MIAs or those missing in military action.  Many of the riders are former members of the military.   They are extremely well-behaved people who don’t stab police officers or bust up the local sites.  Very refreshing.

7 thoughts on “Rolling Thunder

  1. Hi Dianne, I have just been told three times that ‘schmiddleyscribblins.wordpress doesn’t exist and would I like to use the domain name. Eh?

    It was only when I scrolled back to an old comment of yours thatI was let through finally.

    Your post gives me the impression of a carnival-like atmosphere in aid of a very good cause. I am glad that Jesus loves bikers too, he did rather go for the ‘outcasts’, which is what bikers are often considered to be round here.


    • Thanks for the tip. I hope the next time you visit you won’t have that problem. Word Press asked me if I wanted to “own” the URL, so i gave in and said yes. Just another way to get $$ from me I suspect. I am probably being robbed, but not sophisticated enough to fight back. Dianne


  2. I am a retired biker and have a ton of respect for those who love two wheels. They often do so much for charity and are known for their big hearts. Love that sound.


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