Reflections I

I added a link in “Reflections” entry below, but thought I would write more reflections here.

I have been fiddling with my blog “links” this morning.  I had a FB link until sometime last week, but it went away, I know not why.  I would speculate it disappeared when FB went public with its IPO, but have little idea if that is true.  I have grown weary of messing with the blog setup this morning so left it half done.  My philosophy is if I ignore it it will fix itself.

The FB link works but I can’t get rid of the message about the “like” thingy (below right) and don’t intend to spend much time this morning trying to figure out why.


Why can’t things be simple?  On the one hand all these technological complexities make life interesting, but sometimes they are irritating.  I feel as if all I have done technology-wise for the past 40 years or so is learn something new.  As fast as I master one thing, another comes in its place.  I came to technology later in life, I guess the young people today see it as natural. 

The first thing I learned to master was an automobile which I promptly took out and wrecked.  Never caused an accident since then, but I drive like an old lady these days.  When I was a commuter, I became “reckless” from my perspective, but I never hit anyone else with my car. Others kept hitting me, even when they were “stopped” at red stop lights and coming out of parking garages.

Once I was on North Capital Street driving to Catholic University for a class and a woman ran into the side of my car.  We were both trying to get into the same lane.  An off duty policeman with a carload of kids forced me to admit it was my fault although I knew it was a shared fault.  The cop insisted I give my info to the other (woman) driver, but she never contacted me.  Seems she was more observant than the cop, and knew we both were to blame.

I have not yet mastered my new telephone, which I find irritating.  I liked the old phone but it fell in the toilet and died. So, I got a new phone with APP thingys which I can’t and don’t use, but which bug me endlessly.  I have difficulty answering the stupid device without cutting the other person off.  And, I leave it in my purse, which means I don’t hear it every time it rings.  I have forgotten from time to time and left it in my pocket, but am afraid it will drop again.

The espresso maker is another story.  I managed to learn how to use it, finally. However, it is a little dictator, “do this,””do that,” etc.  In essence it is a little a robot, and it is trying to take over.  

Now comes the new toaster oven. I bought a Breville after reading customer reviews.  I had never heard of the brand before, although it appears to have been around for a while. I selected it to save energy. I don’t want to use the oven and heat up the house in the summer months, then use AC to cool it down. 

I have figured out how to make toast in the little oven..better toast than the toaster I might add. The good news is that my cheesecake pan fits in the little oven.  I have a wonderful high protein, low-fat and sugar recipe for cheesecake and I want to begin making it again.  When I become more accomplished I will let you know more.  Meanwhile, I have six new cookbooks to peruse today. And yes, I am still on my WW diet, which is why I am beginning to cook again.  

11 thoughts on “Reflections I

  1. I’m with you on the technological “improvements” that send me back to square 1 in the learning process. The Kindle a friend loaned me to test drive, for example, was an older model that had an easy on off switch I could slide with my thumbnail, right hand, without looking and with no difficulty. I really miss having a functioning second hand to turn my newly purchased Kindle on. This “improved” model has a tiny little button that has to be pressed just so. I have to find a way to wedge it it where it won’t topple out of my control and get broken. It is difficult because I have to position it where I can get close enough to actually see the button and then press it with a fingernail while I am keeping it stable. I am sure I will eventually be able to find it by touch, but no success on that yet. Sorry for the whine. I did enjoy your update on your technology and the well-behaved Memorial Day weekend celebrants!


    • A burden shared cuts it in half. I feel your frustration. It took me a long time to get back to 100% and I think I had a less severe stroke. I too hate some of the so-called improvements. My motto is if it aint broke don’t fix it.


  2. It’s all Greek to me. I refuse to change my Blog page because I like it open and uncomplicated… also I have visions of it all being wiped out if I fuss with it !


  3. I know technology is a necessary evil but it’s progressing at an incredible rate at the same time my ability to reason and figure things out is slowly down. But I’ll never give up the good fight.


  4. You sound awfully good today. Yes, I’m like you with the phone….and the dvd player/recorder. What ever happened to dials and buttons. LOL I even have trouble driving G’s car VS my antique pickem up truck. I often laugh at myself.

    PS: My toaster is a 1939 model that works pretty darn good for it’s age.


  5. If I had the money and more room (of course if I had more money I’d have more room) I’d have all the new toys. I love change and oh goodness, gadgets lure me in like cheese to a mouse.


  6. Well, good for you, Dianne! I am glad you are cooking more nutritious meals; maybe you can share your cheesecake recipe with us sometime. I used to have a Black and Decker toaster oven, but threw it out because it was so darn SLOOOOW to heat up and do its job. A regular toaster toasts bread in a third of the time. As for technology, I am probably behind the times. I don’t own an iPhone, iPod, iPad, but do own a Kindle, computer, and basic cellphone. That’s all I need, really.


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