Baby Shelly

Rather than keep another boring doctor’s appointment this morning, I decided to write my daily post and check out what others are doing.  Along the way, I visited those “101 Tasks in 1001 days” gals Linda and Sarah. I’d give you their blog addresses but they are so popular I can barely get through, and I don’t need more visitors further jamming their sites.

Okay, I am selfish (or not) but that’s a characteristic of mine since childhood.  Just ask my sister Shelly, who sent me a cute birthday card which arrived yesterday with a sentiment about sisters. 

Michelle, or Shelly as she is known by those close to her, was the “good” child in our family of origin who never seemed to get into trouble, while I was the one always in trouble, usually for doing something awful to her. (Like the time I laughed when she swallowed a fly.) When I was younger, it never occurred to me I would actually like her some day.  Michelle is the cute chubby blonde beach bunny above. (That’s me guarding the beach ball.)

Her birthday sentiment read like this:

“Remember when Mom used to annoy us with ‘Be nice to your sister. She’ll be your best friend one day?”  “She was right again.” 

Okay Michelle, I have to admit it you are the cat’s meow. 

Speaking of cats, my sister is into cats with two named for the Bronte sisters Charlotte and Emily.  Michelle also has a dog. No birds however. 

Now that I am 70 and she is a mere kid of 68, we are friends at last.

Over the years, life has landed a few blows on each of us, illness, alcoholic spouses, unfaithful husbands, divorce, poverty, struggles at work, you name it. These days, we commiserate with one another about everything including grown children and their issues, ailments associated with aging, the latest book we’ve read or health crises we have endured, daily doings like the dog’s cutest trick or a horrendous vet bill, and the like. 

We don’t talk politics because she is an ardent Catholic and Conservative who thinks the US has gone to hell in a hand basket, and I am a wishy washy Liberal who is not overly concerned with other people’s morals. Nevertheless, politics be damned, my sister and I have become friends as Mom projected long ago.  

15 thoughts on “Baby Shelly

  1. I love Gigi’s comment about the dog 🙂

    Why can’t you get through? What sort of trouble are you having? Have you subscribed?

    I love your sister’s card. I always wanted a sister.


  2. My sister and I have a great relationship. Just watch those political discussions – my hub and his brother no longer talk because they are on opposite poles on the political/religious/ideological spectrum.


  3. No sisters, alas, but I was such a self-centered child I might never have had the relationship you now enjoy, even after healing years. I do have sisters-in-law that I count as beloved sisters.


  4. haha. So…. is her dog named HEATHCLIFF?
    Good that you are friends at last. I am not very close to my 4 sisters, but am very close to my brother’s widow. Go figure.


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