Will work for food

I turned one of my leaves yesterday, I rejoined Weight Watchers…online.  Believe me this is no small task.  Figuring out how to manage the WW site is the first challenge (and several more hours at the computer). 

I did manage to accomplish one thing, however.  WW tracks points, and I found out I ate more than my allotted points. Now I owe my doctor an apology…Not. Figuring out how to calculate those points is a challenge.  WW has a “point-tracker” and it addresses traditional items, like one carrot, one 8 ounce glass of milk, etc.  But I didn’t eat a carrot.  I ate a small Baby Ruth.  The system didn’t recognize the Baby Ruth.  Okay, I’m lying.  I told the system about the 2 oz candy bar (honest) and used up a few of my bonus points on the first day.

I have discovered you can “earn” points by exercising (this means you can eat more). For this week, my exercise involves the dog, who thinks I have lost my mind.  He has been on more walks the last two days than in his entire life.  Yesterday, I only made it to the end of our street.  Today, I walked all the way to the end of the next street which equals 3 blocks, and  (thank God)back home.  I went from 20 to 30 minutes per walk in one day.  The dog is lying on the floor next to his bed, exhausted.  David is lying in his chair exhausted. I am making David walk with me. (I lure him with promises of food.)

I told David if you want to play tennis or ride your back again you need to strengthen your legs.  My legs are strong, he says, and proves it by standing up and sitting down holding his arms out front of him, several times. Still he walked with me and that is good.

I am here today, but have many things scheduled over the next week, and half of those adventures will take me elsewhere. I finish my coursework (class attendance) tomorrow night and will send the professor my paper this weekend. I have written it, but will give it the once over before I send it. Friday, Arabella sees Mary for her bimonthly beak trim.  

Monday, I have a doctor’s appointment, and Tuesday the dogs go to the groomer. Wednesday of next week, I plan to visit the gym and spend at least one-half hour in the pool, if I can.  Walking everyday should help with my breathing which slows me down…a lot.  Pool walking burns many calories, however, and earns me a few points (more food). Normally, the gals bring something sweet from the bakery to eat afterward. I generally avoid this, however.

One of the things WW recommends is that we do more home cooking and less eating out.  David helped me prepare a meatloaf last night. I hadn’t made one in ages, but I hate the smell of the frozen dinner kind which is full of garlic. We used Cremini mushrooms as filler for a half pound of ground sirloin along with a chopped whole sweet onion. It turned out pretty well with the mixed vegetable side dish.

I am determined to get the 5 fruit and vegetables per day into our shoddy diet. This is no small task because I dislike many vegetables.  Fortunately, I can pull out the vegetables I like from a medley, and David will eat the rest.  That means he gets the broccoli, which I have difficulty eating, although I will eat cauliflower. I have carrots in the refrigerator, so I can use them for snacking.

Our farmer’s market opens this month (next Sunday) and although most of the stalls will arrive later on, some vendors will offer early vegetables like asparagus for sale. David bought some asparagus at the market this week, but he got the thick tough old late season kind, and they are going on the compost heap. 

I had ordered prepaid strawberries through my granddaughter’s FFA group, but my daughter and her family ate them when they arrived because she “didn’t want them to go bad” she says.  I have tasked them with finding more strawberries for me.  Given Joy works on a farm, and works the farmer’s markets, this should be doable.

Well, that’s my update for today.  Now I must fix an omelet for our lunch.  Cheers!   








8 thoughts on “Will work for food

  1. How pleased I am to find someone who has joined WW online. I signed up 5 weeks ago and am finding it worthwhile, though weight loss for me is very slow (too much medication and difficulty with exercise.) It would be great to meet up on the WW site if we could manage it. I am signed in with username Revfred…….. so if you feel like looking me up that would be great – we could try and encourage each other.


  2. Now I know how Weight Watchers works. It keeps you so busy you don’t have time to eat! But seriously, I do believe eating at home is better for you. Restaurants use lots of butter and salt and who knows what else in even the most “healthy” of dishes. It’s really hard to eat out and stay thin.


  3. Good luck on WW. I don’t follow it, but I have started an increase-exercise-eat-better weight loss plan. My first goal – do not gain weight. I have succeeded with goal number one. Now I have to lose weight…


  4. I was on WW a few years ago, and failed miserably. Just couldn’t stick with it despite weekly meetings. I find that when I go on a diet, I lose lots of lbs, but when I go off the diet, I gain it all back and then some.


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